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KEEPIN’ LOVE ALIVE: I know many celebrities | Columnists

But then I started to think. Don’t we all have temptations and distractions in our own way that could, and often do, fail the best of the best people we know, including ourselves?

How often do I meet couples who had no ill intent to fall out of love or harm one another. But the little distractions we all face gradually increased and gradually diverged. Before they knew it, they felt more like distant friends or roommates losing touch than long-time lovers.

In hindsight, don’t we know all of the local celebrities who kept their love alive despite the many opportunities, distractions and temptations? Some of us may even have such celebrities right in our own homes and right in our own marriage.

And shouldn’t these celebrities be celebrated too? Especially when they are married to you.

What a humble realization that no matter what the options, your spouse decides to hang out with you. Instead of playing on their phone all the time or going out with their friends every day, do they make you a priority instead?

In this humble realization, I often say to my wife, “Thank you for spending time with me.” To me, she really is a celebrity.

And we should rightly celebrate our celebrities. When they come through the door after a long day at work. When they spend countless hours raising our kids, fixing leaky sinks, or doing the same endless chores over and over again. When they choose not to be distracted and instead keep hearing our ongoing stories about work, in-laws, and that annoying coworker who never seems to get a clue.

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