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Josh Homme’s children file to restrain order against him | Celebrities

Josh Homme’s children filed an arrest warrant against him, claiming his father felt “scary”.

Queens of the Stone Age lockers say 10-year-old Olin and 5-year-old Wolf are with their ex-wife, Brody Dalle, and young people are worried they might hurt their father. He asked the court for protection from his father. ..

According to a document obtained from TMZ, Olin accused the 48-year-old rocker that his father recently packed his private part and drank alcohol while he and Wolf were in the car with him. Persisted.

The young man directly accused Homme of physical abuse, claiming his father hit his ears, hit his head, pierced his chest and thrown objects, called him fat and threatened him by a “no one knows” hitmaker. About killing Brody’s partner.

Meanwhile, the wolf accused his father of being drunk driving, grabbed the boy’s neck and ears, called his mother’s name, and claimed he was afraid to go to his father’s house.

The boys asked the court to issue an arrest warrant to keep their father 100 meters away from them and their dogs at all times.

A lawyer for the “Go with the Flow” hitmaker called the allegations “fake”.

“Mr. Dahl has previously referred these allegations to the police, the DCFS and the presiding officers of the family court,” said Susan Weiner.

Homme split from the Distillers singer in November 2019 and has had a difficult relationship ever since.

The 42-year-old singer had previously obtained an arrest warrant for her ex-husband after alleging she showed up at home drunk and headbutted.

And a few months later, Om obtained a warrant against his wife after alleging that his wife had deliberately tried to arrest him for violating the terms of his job.

Josh Homme’s children are suing him | Celebrities

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