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Jordyn Woods: The Exercise Saved Me From Depression | Celebrities

Jordyn Woods says the exercise saved her from “deep depression.”

The 23-year-old model said she suffered from mental illness after her father’s death five years ago, turned to sports during difficult times and gave herself her own retirement home as “treatment”. Called.

In an Instagram post commemorating the release of her new fitness app, Frst Place, she wrote, “I became a young woman before anyone else, and I’m still growing and learning every day.

“Everyone on the internet feels right to know every little thing, but to be honest, it’s not everyone’s job. About five years ago I fell into a deep depression and then my father died. I smiled, but every day I fought differently and gained strength. The training was my healing and my savings.

“In my apps and platforms, I have never said that weight loss is“ healthy ”or“ what I look like ”when I implement and use my plans. But I know that there are many people like me who are struggling to find their place in the world and struggling with their anxiety and mental health.

“The training saved me and I wanted to let everyone know that we are all starting somewhere. You are beautiful in every weight, shape and size, but you are not alone ((Original Sic) “

Jordan has spoken about body positivity in the past, but in 2018 she launched her own debut fashion brand SECNDNTURE, a line that focuses on active clothing, including size.

About her passion for training at the time, she said: “My own”.

Jordyn Woods: Exercise Saved Me From Depression | Celebrities

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