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Jersey Shore cancels mask order | News, sports, jobs

The Jersey Shore Area School Board approved a revised health and safety plan that allows for optional masking of students and staff in the area.

The district joins other Lycoming County schools that recently decided to ditch mask orders.

Earlier this month, a state court ruled that the Ministry of Health’s order was unlawful.

In other matters, the board of directors agreed to an arrangement with ESS Northeast, LLC, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to provide substitute teachers and other related staffing needs in the district.

The board approved a transportation arrangement with Clinton County Children & Youth for students in foster care.

A three-year contract was approved with Intermediate Unit 17 to provide the district with a licensed social worker 20 hours per week

In personnel matters, the board approved the following positions as head coaching for the autumn 2022-23 season: Tyler Henry, cross-country skiing, Ann-Marie Dincher, girls’ tennis; Michael Schall, golf.

The board approved Beth Wrench as the lunch monitor at the Jersey Shore Area Elementary for $ 9.42 an hour.

Frank Kos has been approved as a bus driver for Susquehanna Transit.

The following positions and grants for the high school musical, Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka, have been approved:

• Heather Haigh, music director, $ 2,145.00

• Michele Long, musical-drama director, $ 2,145.00

• Tim Greene, lighting, $ 625

• Jeff Klugh, $ 625, Julie Wagner, $ 312, Mallory Myers, $ 312, stage manager.

• Charlotte Bierly, Nicola Paulhamus, Janna Riggle, Public Relations, $ 208 each.

• Sarah Keim, Set Designer / Completion, $ 1,000.

• Scott Alexander, clay, $ 625.

The following positions and grants for high school drama production General Gorgeous have been approved:

• Michele Long, acting director, $ 1,500.

• Michele Long, lighting, $ 400.

• Heather Haigh and Julie Wagner, stage managers, $ 400.

• Charolotte Bierly, Public Relations, $ 400.

• Scott Alexander, clay, $ 400.

• Michele Long, production set and design, $ 563.

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