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Hong Kong celebrities reveal where to receive non-invasive cosmetology

Where are celebrities, aging models, women at lunch and an ever-growing male delegation from Hong Kong performing non-invasive cosmetics? I asked. They replied anonymously

When reality show star Kelly Osbourne (Sharon’s and Ozzy’s loudest child) revealed her new “look” to 2.4 million Instagram followers early on. Summer, the world stopped and respected. The Peanuts Gallery called for her dramatic physical changes. Purple hair was the least of concern to Twitteratis, and she appeared to have had a “God-criticized head transplant” to steal a quote.

The former cherubim reality TV star certainly has many changes, from sharp cuts like a razor on the jawline to alabaster forehead marble polish, and from voluminous lower lips to permanent eyebrows. This was clearly not the kind girl the generation watched
The Osbournes on MTV from 2002 to 2005.

In response to her critics, she made the following statement: “I did nothing on my face … several injections in my lips, chin and forehead. Except. “Technically, she didn’t lay down on the plate and let herself into an operation, but her popular Instagram account. @cosmeticdocs Disassembled: lip filler, masseter botox, forehead botox. Her dramatic weight loss is the result of her approved 2018 belly cuff. Observers also point to dermis fillers, lip strengtheners, silicone lip fillers, facial contours, and possibly restylene fillers that may be in the crevices of the cheek. And how much is it? Approximately the top 5 to 6 digits.

We sent a smoke signal to 12 local celebrities to see if they were eating Osborne’s food. Nobody was ready for inclusion, but we found a lot more under the epidermis.

The days of cosmetic surgery are over as non-surgical, non-invasive, and non-life threatening procedures are now in the tens. But where flights to South Korea, Thailand, Paris, the Philippines and other medical cosmetic capitals are established, where the “swan” (Truman Capote names a social celebrity) stretches its neck. Do you want to be clean, refreshed and resurrected?

Skin Glow IV Drip from Lifehub

Dr. Vicki Belo in Manila is a darling of many courageous party names, and in Central, dermatologist Dr. Henry Chan swore a lot. Both offer a range of services, including cool sculpting, a treatment that freezes fat.

Dr. Stephen Chan of Life Clinic on Wellington Street is a darling of others, but the landmark Care You Beauty Carrie (Carry Chan) seems to be a friend of many in good shape. In 2008, she introduced Korean semi-permanent 3D eyebrows with manual hairline embroidery technology and invisible eyeliner into the social fabric of Hong Kong.

Astounding to many, Thermage and Profhilo freeze the increase and decrease in time. Subcutaneous hydration treatment lasts 6 months before immediate correction is required. The dermatologist Dr. Nicola Chan of the Millennium Dermatology and Laser Center is obviously getting along very well with Profilo. Since botox was the buzzword of the season 10 years ago, Profilo is the most discussed non-surgical treatment today and is said to significantly reduce sagging skin and make it firm but supple. I am.

MediSpa non-invasive cosmetic treatment

Just before the charity ball and gala incident, many social celebrities are rushing to LifeHub to try the popular Skin Glow IV. This drop contains powerful antioxidants that keep skin glowing, glowing and healthy. Pain-free and efficient.

There are simpler perks and excerpts for the squeak around the needles. One of our favorite social celebrities swears by Novorash on Lindhurst Terrace. The sense of touch, on the other hand, has many non-invasive beautification procedures at its disposal in the remaining branches (some of which were closed during the pandemic).

To laminate the forehead, grab Uber and go to How Brow You in the depths of Cheung Sha Wan. Microblades, Rush Lifts and Extensions can all be done by the Rush Artist on Dagi Khatun Street. Back then, Hong Kongers visited Brussels and Marrakech every year and checked into the beauty clinic. The advanced treatments covered everything from permanent hair loss, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, body contouring to cellulite, acne removal and stretch mark removal. However, there are currently two branches in Hong Kong. One is on Lindhurst Terrace and the other is on Sai Ying Pun.

Non-invasive cosmetic treatmentNon-invasive cosmetic treatment in the Estheclinic

Many of the social circles head for Perfect Medical – there are 12 outposts across Hong Kong – for a variety of reasons, from permanently removing permanently removed dark spots to re-engraving the body.

The comedy Joan Rivers is a proponent of constant revision and is famous for having her grandchildren call her “Nana New Face”. This reminds us of NUFace, which offers a variety of gadgets and serums as part of our daily skin care routine. There are different products from ZIIP. Gold, silver and crystal gels can treat the physiognomy of the party, if not posterity, in a conservative way.

When we print, you probably won’t land in Seoul right away, you’ve ordered a popular cell return face mask from South Korea to treat the pigmentation that is popular with both men and women. can. On the flip side, those with a receding hairline can order a Hairmax LED comb that will encourage both growth and puffing.

Now it is not us who decide who has to do what when it comes to self-care and improvement. Finally, at the age of 75 (“some of me are 20”), Sher said, “If you decide to put your bum back, that’s my job.” .. you can just add, listen and listen!

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