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Here’s some of the best costumes from celebrities & politicians over Halloweekend 2021 / LGBTQ Nation

Pete, Chasten and one of their two twin children are disguised as “twin infrastructure” for Halloween Photo: Screenshot / Twitter

Halloween fell on a Sunday in 2021, making this weekend a “Halloween end” of celebration, costumes and creativity for us.

Personalities and stars like Niecy Nash and Lil Nas X have shown up so far, but also politicians and famous families from the Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the Buttigiegs have taken part in the celebrations.

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In the heat of the pandemic, Halloween last year was also filled with many celebrities who were promoting “the big gay holiday”, as the legendary lesbian-feminist poet Judy Grahn once described. Janelle Monae, Neil Patrick Harris and Eugene Lee Yang stood out. Understandably, some of these Halloween greats thrilled again this year.

Here are some great costumes from LGBTQ people, community icons, or allies we’ve seen so far this weekend.


The alleged “little gay demons” took part in the celebrations this year, with Tinky Winky, Po, Dipsy and Laa-Laa dressed up as Harry Styles, Ted Lasso, Bob Ross and Olivia Rodrigo respectively.

Joy-Ann Reid

The MSNBC presenter shared a picture taken during an episode of her show, which was taped on Friday. She dressed up to share her “Absolute Scariest” scenario, which depicts “what America might be like in January 2025 … [if] an even older, stranger Donald Trump “is back at the White House.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

MP Ocasio-Cortez dressed up as Venkman from Ghostbusters as she mingled with voters at her fourth annual community Halloween event.

Today was our 4th annual community Halloween event and I finally got out of my last minute cat-ear rut!

However, a little one tried to trick us with a few sweets 👻🍬 pic.twitter.com/VdnBzUMiNt

– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) October 30, 2021

Scott Wiener

California Senator Wiener (D) said he “finally collapsed and did it”.

He disguised himself as … Viennese. (Complete with bread roll)

Ira Madison III

The host of Keep It was one of the few famous faces to put on multiple costumes that long Halloween weekend. His first was as Princess Diana in an early paparazzi photo …

… And as a superhero Quicksilver as seen in Wandavision for his second.

Angelica Ross

Ross delivered a terrifyingly realistic portrayal of the Marvel super villain Venom.

Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts

The Claws actress and her wife dressed up as Kelly Rowland and Nelly, respectively, from the music video for their 2002 hit song “Dilemma”.

Eugene Lee Yang

After dressing up as several characters from the Avatar cartoon franchise last year, Yang didn’t hold back for 2021, disguising himself as O-Ren Ishii, Lucy Liu’s character from the Kill Bill film franchise.


The drag performer has posted a photo posing as “Player 067” from the latest Netflix hit series Squid Game.

Johnny Sibilly

The acclaimed actor and Logo Live presenter dressed up as Mario from the Super Mario Bros. video game franchise this year. Ryan O’Connell was Luigi and Fin Argus was Princess Peach.


The iconic music artist and dancer also went the way of the different looks and paid tribute to musicians who shape her: Selena and every member of the girl group TLC.

Pete and Chasten Buttigieg’s twins

Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg and author Chasten Buttigieg have dressed up their twin children Penelope Rose and Joseph August as pioneers in creativity in political circles for their first Halloween.

Pete, who spent the weekend doing various appearances on the Sunday morning news programs, said that Chasten had come up with the perfect costume ideas for the newborns: “Infrastructure”.

Or rather by Chasten himself, “#twinfrastructure”. He shared a picture with him and Pete today holding one of their children.

Chasten revealed that the family “went to the hospital this Halloween” to take care of Joseph August or “Gus” who “had a tough time” recently.

“We are so grateful for all of the love and support our family has shown over the past few months,” he added.

And also thank you very much for the dedicated and kind medical professionals who took care of our two little pumpkins while they became stronger, healthier and sweeter!

– Chasten Buttigieg (@Chasten) October 31, 2021

Lil Nas X (1) …

Last year Lil Nas X made headlines for days (as usual) just because of his Halloween costume. Nas disguised himself as Nicki Minaj in the music video “Super Bass” for one of them and sent anti-gay musicians and characters into a frenzy.

This year, in natural Nas fashion, the star set out to make it big and outrageous.

One of his costumes was Seth Powers, a character from the Nickelodeon show Ned’s Declassified, played by Alex Black.

Lil Nas X (2) …

The second was Nas, who portrayed his version of Voldemort, a character from the Harry Potter franchise infamous as “The One Who Shouldn’t Be Named”, which is a stark opposite of “Call Me By Your Name.” . Rapper.

And Lil Nas X (3) …

Lil Nas X also attended Kid Cudi’s Halloween party on Saturday. He appeared to be disguised as a wizard, while Cudi appeared disguised as a zombie.

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