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Hande Erçel, Demet Özdemir and Other Turkish Celebrities Call On The International Community For Support In Combating Raging Forest Fires

A-listers from the Turkish entertainment industry are doing their part to raise awareness as widespread devastation continues across the country

While the exact cause of the Turkish forest fires in Antalya is still being investigated, one thing is certain: the damage and threats to people and wildlife are steadily increasing, and authorities are working around the clock to stop the flames from spreading.

According to Reuters.com, the flames near Manavgat, Marmaris and near the inland town of Milas, although over 100 fires have been contained, pose sufficient threat that residents and tourists are evacuating the area and threatening some vacation hotspots.

According to BBC News, the fires are now threatening coastal resorts; Three hotels in Bodrum have reportedly been evacuated as the fire continues to pose a threat to tourists and local residents.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has shared satellite images of the affected forest areas; the fires have even spread to some parts of southern Europe, including Greece, Spain and Italy – causing temperatures to rise above 40 ° C.

While Spain and Croatia have dispatched forest fire-fighting planes, many Turkish celebrities still believe the international community can do more – which is why they are asking the European Union and the United Nations for support. From Hande Erçel to Demet Özdemir, Bazaar shares a list of some celebrities who have sought help from the international community through their Instagram accounts.

Gamze Ercel

Like her sister, superstar actress Hande, Gamze Erçel shared a post on her Instagram to raise awareness about the impact of the fires in Turkey. “We live in hell #helpturkey,” she wrote in the caption.

Dilan Cicek Deniz

“We lost 8 people, so many animals and our forests. Please help us !!!” wrote actress Dilan as she tagged the European Union and the United Nations in the caption in the hope that more international organizations would become involved in ending the fires.

Serkan Cayoglu

Serkan shared a similar caption, stressing that Turkey needs more fire-fighting planes to fight the flames.

Hazal Kaya

#MilasBelediyesi # muğlayaniyor https://t.co/lxRshxdIFM— Ahsen Eroğlu (@ ahseneroglu22) August 2, 2021

Hazal, one of the most active celebrities on Twitter, has shared many tweets and retweets when it comes to raising awareness about the forest fires and the damage they are doing in Turkey. “All countries are asking for help from other countries during a major disaster like this,” she wrote in a recent tweet.

Baris Arduc

All countries ask for help from other countries in times of great disasters like this one. It’s hard to watch the burning souls … Save a tree, a village, an animal, no matter what someone says for us … what strange problems there are … https://t.co/vAuidOBYCs— Hazal Kaya (@ HazalKaya110) August 2, 2021

Barış also calls on “the countries that can help us” to send support in the form of fire-fighting planes.

Engin Öztürk

Engin also shares the same post that other A-listers have chosen to do in raising awareness by raising awareness in multiple languages ​​in the hope that the international community will listen.

Mission statement courtesy of Instagram / @ handemiyy and @demetozdemir

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