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Grammy Awards Announce Inclusion Riders for 2022 Ceremony | Celebrities

The Grammy chief has promised to implement an “inclusion tab” for the ceremony next year.

The Recording Academy has set itself the goal of introducing a “contractual addendum” which is intended to guarantee “fairness and inclusiveness at all levels of production” and which will be published on September 16.

Harvey Mason Jr., CEO of the Recording Academy, said in a statement: A diverse and extensive music community.

“As the Academy continues on its path of change, industry diversification is at the heart of all the decisions we make.

“We are committed to promoting an environment of inclusion across the industry and we hope that our efforts will serve as role models for our colleagues in the music community.”

This addendum is “a contractual obligation for production companies to do their best to hire, audition, interview and hire people on and off-stage who have historically and systematically been excluded from the industry.”

Carpana Kotagal, co-author of Inclusion Rider, civil rights attorney and partner of Cohen Millstein Cellars & Thor, added, “The Subsumption Rider’s inclusion in the Grammy Awards has made a huge impact on an industry with a long history of exclusion and underestimation .

“Some of the things that make an inclusion rider so powerful are their adaptability and flexibility.

“For Grammy Awards inclusion riders, the basic elements of the tool include deepening and diversifying the recruiting pool, setting recruiting benchmarks and goals, collecting and thoroughly analyzing applicants and recruiting data, and implementing accountability. It’s included. “

And Rashad Robinson, President of Color Of Change, commented:

“This inclusion tab is a written rule that changes the adoption culture at the Grammy Awards and makes inclusion the standard.

“We are proud to partner with the Recording Academy, and this combined effort will enable other entertainment industry leaders to join the fight for fairness by hiring inclusive drivers. I hope that. “

Grammy Awards Announce Inclusion Riders for 2022 Ceremony | Celebrities

Source Link Grammy Awards Announce Inclusion Riders For Ceremony 2022 | Celebrities

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