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Games, Celebrities, Cosplay at September Comic Con in Amarillo

Amarillo has historically had two “downsides”, right? There is AMA-Con and YC3. Of course, we added the Curb A Con in 2020 (which I originally thought was pronounced Cur-Bacon. It doesn’t contain bacon). Well, it looks like we’re getting another “scam” this September.

It’s the ConLive! Comic Con: Amarillo, September 25-26. It will take place in the Civic Center Complex.

Is there a new congress in town?

It was a little confusing to hear this news, considering we already had AMA-Con this year, the Halloween edition of Curb A Con is coming up this October, and YC3 had to be postponed. By the way, YC3 has already announced its return soon in 2022.

Where did this other “imposter” come from? I’m not sure, but there is supposedly a lot planned. If you’re not familiar with this, it’s likely because this is the first year in town, according to the website.

Celebrity appearances

According to the website, there will be one of the celebrity guests Chris Cassamassa. You probably know Chris best from his work as Scorpio by doing Original Mortal Kombat movie. TNA wrestler Velvet sky will also be there.

Anne Yatco and Adam McArthur should also appear according to the website.

There will be providers

The website advertises hundreds of vendors and exhibitors so you can get your collectible. I tried to find a list of vendors that will be there but the exhibitor link only took me to a registration page to be a vendor so no spoilers.

Cosplay and video games

There is also a Cosplay competition advertised on the site, along with Games. I’m not sure what the games are, but they advertise prizes.

On the Facebook event page, I caught a photo of some Dragon Ball Z props that will be there for you to take photos of. Here is a link for more information.

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