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Former professional padel player in Jersey as the sport continues to grow

A retired professional padel tennis player is in Jersey this weekend to coach those starting out in the sport.

The Argentine athlete Mauri Andrini is now the head of the British and junior padel teams.

I’ve found so many people who are very excited to play padel. Everyone loves it and everyone plays padel all over the world – it’s like people are getting infected from the sport.

Mauri Andrini, paddle tennis coach Photo credit: ITV Channel TV

Padel tennis – a mix of tennis and squash – is fast becoming one of the most popular new sports in the Channel Islands, with hundreds playing every week.

We have received a lot of support so that the government is obviously successful under the fiscal stimulus fund – we will build three more indoor courts. We want everyone to have access to the facility without getting elitist and worrying about whether they are good.

Scott Clayton, Island Padel

In the coming year padel will take part in the European Games for the first time.

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