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Financial planning – tools to navigate uncharted waters

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused two years of dramatic economic and social disruption that have created unique challenges. Hard times need hard people so that the world can emerge stronger. Even more so in finance and investing, where there is a lot of uncertainty and volatility. If you’re a finance professional, such market volatility – be it stock prices, interest rates, or even liquidity – can create great pressures.

As Warren Buffett famously said, “It’s only at low tide that you discover who has swum naked.” It takes finance professionals with in-depth knowledge, a good understanding of current market realities and, most importantly, strong business ethics.

The pandemic has left many investors feeling dizzy, a fact reflected in a recent survey that found an average increase in online searches for wealth management terms of 17%. So how do you get to your investment goals clearly?

Today’s financial professionals need to understand what the “new normal” could mean for investors. You should also be aware of the latest studies and industry trends, spot red flags, and manage them effectively. In addition, financial analysts and investors must take advantage of networking opportunities and seek advice from industry veterans. Asking and receiving help is the way we will overcome this crisis together. And this is exactly what membership in a global investment and finance company will help you with.

The gold standard in the industry is the CFA® charterholder community. CFA Institute, CFA Society India provide a comprehensive analysis of the financial markets. The seminars and conferences organized by the company serve to research relevant factors and new ideas. Even the pandemic hasn’t stopped CFA Society India from hosting cutting-edge seminars like the upcoming 6th International Wealth Management Conference with global industry leaders.

The CFA Institute also offers its input on government policy changes that can help recover the economy amid the crisis. A case in point is the Systemic Risk Council, sponsored by the CFA Institute, who assured us that the pandemic would not lead to economic collapse. The CFA Institute has also appealed to the world’s major economies to work together and avoid this.

Getting the best financial advice goes beyond building a nest egg. Take healthcare for example. The cost of medical advancement is overwhelming, as is the likelihood of failure. This is where financial analysts come in, who conduct cost-benefit studies to reassure potential investors about the likelihood of returns. Proper funding helps drive medical and health innovation, which in turn improves access to health care. Innovation also meets finance thanks to factors such as crowdfunding, mobile payments, artificial intelligence and machine learning, robo-advisors, insuretech, blockchain and cryptocurrency, which is collectively known as fintech or financial technology. Research on these new age tools is offered through the CFA Institute’s continuing education program and various regular seminars.

Preparation is key to investment success, and the CFA Institute enables an investor to be better prepared by accumulating knowledge and networking with peers in the financial industry. However, unexpected events such as sharp interest rate cuts, fluctuations in commodity prices or euphoria about new assets like bitcoins always occur. So it helps to reconsider the decision to either stay on course or change course. Various events and webinars on current topics – including the CFA Society India’s 1st India Alternative Investments Conference 2021 – offer the opportunity to hear from industry experts and to exchange ideas with others with similar interests. These give you an advantage for staying strong in a fluid environment.

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