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The Web3 data storage revolution from Switzerland

The Swiss data transmission company is “the first gateway to the world of decentralized networks”. The new WeSendit 3.0 platform, powered by the new WeSendit token (WSI), will harness the power of the blockchain and offer users the “most secure, simple and reliable data transfer ever”. Here’s everything you need to know about a project that’s been gaining momentum lately.

Who is WeSendit?

With more than 3.5 million users from 150 countries and over 10 years of experience, WeSendit is an established player in the world of file transfer and storage. The company is based in Zug, the “Swiss Crypto Valley”. Customers include global players such as Meta (Facebook), Nike, Disney, DreamWorks and Red Bull.

Since its inception, 2.85 billion records have been processed through the company’s platform. WeSendit has learned what users expect from a top-notch file transfer and storage service. The company is now using this knowledge to further develop WeSendit 3.0 and to dare the forward-looking leap into the world of Web3.

The founder and CEO and his team have been working on blockchain-related projects for years. Herbst has formed a talented international group of experienced crypto experts, developers, economists and marketers.

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What solution does WeSendit offer its users?

The company is rooted in the traditional Swiss values ​​of privacy, reliability and stability and seeks to translate these values ​​into the new world of Web3.

As the importance of data transmission increases year by year, WeSendit believes it’s time for a solution that isn’t just for experts, but for the general public. Its goal is to become the world’s first and most user-friendly gateway to the world of decentralized file transfer and storage solutions.

How does WeSendit plan to achieve its goals?

As a Web3 aggregator, WeSendit will provide interfaces showing on-chain data and allow users to interact with smart contracts from multiple platforms such as Sia, Filecoin, Storj or Skynet.

The pioneers of data transfer can also count on the support of Crypto Valley Switzerland and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

Two elements are at the core of WeSendit’s move to Web3:

  • WeSendit 3.0 and the WSI token.

WeSendit 3.0 — The Platform

Key elements of WeSendit 3.0 include:

  • Data security: through the latest encryption;
  • Geo-redundant storage: data storage worldwide;
  • Privacy: Anonymous data reviews by a blockchain consortium network and no third-party access;
  • Easy Data Management: Easier to see, manage, and collaborate with others;
  • Backup and recovery: No more single points of failure.

Other highlights are:

  • Pay as you go: Users only use and pay for the services they really need;
  • Branding channel: companies can present their data transmission and storage in their own corporate design;
  • File Management: Easier to manage and archive files;
  • Paid Downloads: Users can offer paid downloads and sell their products;
  • Ad Manager: Easily reach potential customers with customized ads on WeSendit.

WeSendit 3.0 follows a hybrid approach with a modular infrastructure. The various features will form a unified interface based on dynamic technical building blocks that are perfect for rapid scaling.

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WSI – The WeSendit token

The WeSendit Utility Token (WSI) is based on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP-20). It is the central element of WeSendit 3.0 and offers a multitude of functions and advantages:

  • Use of digital products and services within the WeSendit 3.0 ecosystem;
  • Lower and simplified fee structures compared to traditional mechanisms;
  • activity rewards for using the new services;
  • referral program incentives for users;
  • Generate passive income through staking;
  • Trade and exchange with other crypto assets.

What makes WeSendit’s solution so promising?

WeSendit’s ambitious Web3 project comes at a time when data transmission and storage are becoming more important than ever.

The German statistics company Statista expects that global file sharing storage usage will grow from 175,000 to 700,000 terabytes within a few years. Memory consumption per user is also expected to increase significantly.

The company will position itself as a combined managed file transfer and sharing/application specialist for decentralized data processing solutions.

WeSendit 3.0 will fill a gap in the market at a time when more and more companies are ready to implement alternative data storage solutions. These factors, combined with WeSendit’s potential for rapid scaling, could allow the company to capture a disproportionate share of the market in the near future.

Outlook: what’s next for WeSendit?

WeSendit is dedicated to developing a solution that will help users realize the full potential of decentralized networks. As the developers work on the groundbreaking features of the new platform, the team prepares for a public listing on PancakeSwap on December 1st, 2022 at 20:00 CET.

Visit wesendit.io for more information about the project.

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