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Spain’s largest telecom company accepts BTC and crypto

  • Telefónica, the largest telecom company in Spain, now accepts bitcoin and crypto for technology products.
  • Bitcoin adoption has picked up speed, with a bank in Kazakhstan buying BTC.
  • Analysts are spotting signs of a possible upside in Bitcoin price.

Bitcoin adoption has picked up steam in Spain as the largest telecom company, Telefónica, accepts BTC and crypto. Analysts have predicted Bitcoin price to rise with rising adoption and adoption around the world.

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Telefónica accepts bitcoin and crypto payments

Spain’s largest telecommunications company Telefónica has announced the acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Telefónica enabled crypto purchases on Tu.com after adding a payment feature powered by Spain’s largest crypto exchange Bit2Me. The telecom company has also invested in Bit2Me, with more details expected to be released shortly.

Telefónica has previously ventured into crypto via the Metaverse, working with Qualcomm to explore a joint Metaverse commercial opportunity. The collaboration will drive adoption of XR augmented reality metaverse products and services. The official release reads:

This agreement opens the possibility to offer customers new experiences by merging the digital and analog worlds and reinventing commerce, entertainment and communication in the Metaverse.

The Spanish telecom giant has developed a solution that allows businesses to easily issue NFTs through its partnership with Ethereum scaling solution Polygon.

Fashion giant Gucci announced that it will accept cryptocurrencies such as Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum in select stores. In addition to fashion giants, restaurants like Chipotle have accepted crypto payments, underscoring the growing acceptance of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin price is showing signs of a rebound

Glenn Williams, a crypto analyst, evaluated Bitcoin’s price action and noted that BTC could see a possible upside.

The Bitcoin price chart is showing the first signs of an uptrend. Recent trading data showed Bitcoin posting a series of “higher lows,” laying the groundwork for the largest cryptocurrency by market cap to start climbing again.

This means more buyers are willing to purchase bitcoin at higher and higher prices. On September 21, Bitcoin was making progressively higher highs over the course of nine days. Analysts believe the bitcoin price has the potential to rally higher and rally by 27%.

BTC USD price chart

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