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SmartCryptoNew1 on Binance Feed: The World’s First Deflationary Yield Farming Protocol

The Kinect protocol aims to solve the problems of other existing yield farms, yield aggregators, staking platforms and agricultural rewards. Yield farming often looks very attractive to investors due to extremely high interest rates.

The Kinect Protocol is designed so that anyone who participates in the community farming protocol directly benefits themselves and everyone else alike.

By lending capital to the protocol, you earn rewards at competitive interest rates in the native token KNT. This token also acts as the protocol’s governance token, giving you partial ownership of the protocol.

The native token KNT also acts as the protocol’s governance token. All participants have an opportunity to stake their KNT earnings in its dividend vault to earn a portion of all log fees.

Kinect Finance’s goal is to make the defi space kinect, step by step, and more accessible to all, while creating a safe and welcoming space for seasoned and brand new investors alike.

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