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QRONI introduces a robust ecosystem that enables seamless crypto transactions for its users

Berlin, Germany – (NewMediaWire) – September 23, 2022 – (King NewsWire) – Qroniswap is a double audited DeFi protocol and ecosystem based in Germany and Singapore. Qroni covers cross-chain crypto trading and swaps, NFT ticketing, and fiat on-ramp payments.

Qroni is listed in TIER 2 CEX EXCHANGE – AZBIT and further in COIN MARKET CAP. Qroni has entered into certain partnerships with RUBIC SWAP DEX and ONRAMPER.

Qroniswap’s robust ecosystem enables deep liquidity and seamless crypto transactions, all beefed up with incentive-based earning models that allow users’ assets to generate passive income streams while they engage in other activities in the protocol.

Users can mint, buy, sell, resell, and stake NFT tickets. Event planners and businesses can create unlimited tickets at scale that are unique and use a peer-to-peer encrypted format that requires the private keys of the holders to decrypt and access. This helps eliminate fraudulent NFT transactions and ensures every ticket is genuine and from the right source. Qroni allows all users to buy any coin directly from their DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD.

Another important sector of the Qroniswap ecosystem is the multi-chain DEX protocol, which includes an AMM, farm and liquidity pool. The multi-chain DEX enables cross-chain transactions; This is intended to facilitate the provision of liquidity across multiple blockchains. The farm and liquidity pool for staking and yield farming maintain smart contracts that encourage constant liquidity on Qroniswap. These pools come with huge incentives for users and investors to support not only the protocol with liquidity but also the underlying network with transaction validation.

Telegram: https://t.me/qroniswap

Website: https://qroni.org/

Qroni Token will continue to be traded

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