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Kimberlite Rocks – Jewel Pass Early Access Program

Hollywood is jeweled and has movie trailers – but you’ve got me and as your virtual confidante I’m here to bring you an exclusive look at something very special – Kimberlite Labs.

By the way…

We have some BIG (utility) NEWS coming next week!

If you’re the impatient type, skip this tutorial and I’ll let you know how to get early access before anyone else!

Now, if you’re paying attention to projects built on top of Dogechain, you might have heard of Kimberlite Rocks, the highly anticipated yield farming protocol we (secretly) developed at Kimberlite Labs.

Well, my friend, you’re about to witness the first vibrant, green, GOO-FILLED vine pushing its way through the ground – before maturing into a massive oak tree in a forest full of treasure

and I’m not talking about Oaks either.


You might be wondering…

What is Kimberlite Rocks?

First off, Kimberlite Rocks is a gamified yield farming protocol where users earn interest on their tokens and NFTs through a combination of ecosystem opportunities and internal reflections. Daily rewards will be distributed to Jewel Pass NFT holders via staking.

With a low entry price, Jewel Pass holders can also join the Treasure Hunt dApp and earn unrelenting prizes.

The Jewel Pass represents ownership of the treasury, holders receive 5% lifetime dividends automated and guaranteed by smart contracts (paid daily from the treasury).

No native token – rewards are distributed in wDOGE and $DC. There is no main token.

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Connect your Dogecoin to Dogechain at https://dogechain.dog

We do not believe in fixed rate protocols, nor do we believe in an unsustainable APR based solely on new users. Instead, we have weekly goals and predictions (based on our past performance) that you’ll find in upcoming announcements.

Read our story here…

You need a Gem Pass to gain VIP access to the treasures within, and only 4444 passes would ever exist.

What are you waiting for?

Since the Jewel Pass is stored on the blockchain as a non-fungible (ERC721) token, not only can you prove ownership of your access cards – you can even sell or trade them with anyone for real money!

How does the EAP work?

Without ACTUALLY participating in the adventure, you’ll never know how much fun it really is…

It’s the difference between reading an article about swimming and actually diving into the pool.

…the problem is that Kimberlite Lab’s Jewel Pass Mint isn’t live yet.

This is the bad news.

Here’s the good news:

We’ll be announcing some BIG NEWS soon – like soon next week…

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Name of the company: Kimberlite Rocks
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Country: United States
Website: https://kimberlite.rocks

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