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How to make money from ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

When you graduate from college initial coin offering (ICO) can be profitable. Watch out since”If“ makes the difference between earn money And Lose money.

How do I create an ICO token?

  • Startup companies often raise funds through initial coin offerings in exchange for project tokens. Some ICOs have been extraordinarily profitable while others can be dangerous ventures.
  • Investigating an ICO should start with reading the white paper. A poorly thought out or ambiguous white paper could indicate that the project is not well thought out.
  • Examine team members individually, collectively, and all business relationships. A team with more experience has a better chance of overcoming the difficulties posed by a challenging business climate.
  • It is preferable to hold at least 50% of your tokens once you have decided and invested in an ICO before selling them again.

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