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Bitcoin (BTC) vs. TradFi Who has the advantage?

With every new Bitcoin bull rally? Once again the question arises: How much is Bitcoin worth compared to conventional financial assets?

Thanks to the incredible last week, Bitcoin and with it the entire crypto market has recovered. After each new upward rally, it is time to take stock and, in particular, compare it with the rest of the traditional financial industry.

Bitcoin wins hands down… Except?

In this little game the cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto She wins again because no one can keep up with her.

As a reminder, Bitcoin price is up 3.14% on the day In 7 days the profit is 10.46%. Although the asset fell back below $30,000 after temporarily exceeding this mark, Bitcoin The price is $29,520.

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If we look at the comparison, Ethereum is lagging behind, as are the major stock indices. But that is not all: Physical gold can’t keep up and major stocks don’t have it anymore.

While the international economy is in a situation of uncertainty, Bitcoin is paying attention to its cycle.

Cryptocurrencies have a stranglehold on profitability

In the profitability ranking, Ethereum takes second place after Bitcoin. Therefore, BTC is in first place with a gain of 77.75% since January 1st.

For ETH in second place, the annual increase is 34.02%. Therefore, the overall performance is better than that of NASDAQ (26.9%), the SPY (13.20%) or even gold (7.03%).

Fuente: Cryptorank.

As we see in this chart, at no point during the year were other financial assets competing with the great king, Bitcoin.

However, The classification can be a bit misleading. Because the stock market is not viewed individually, but collectively. However, this helps Bitcoin as NVIDIA stock, for example, rose the wave of AI and they won more than 189.91%.

Despite everything, the world’s first cryptocurrency remains very popular in the financial sector. Recently, it was Larry Fink himself, the CEO of BlackRock, who announced this on television and spoke of Bitcoin as a leap towards quality.

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