These statements were volunteered by clients of Trading University who were not compensated in any way for them. The testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success. While Trading University students receive all the class material upfront, they pay a month to month rate and can opt out of the program at any time.

“Jay’s teaching is excellent and the methods taught at Trading U are solid. Trading U gives you honest insight to forex trading and when followed the precise way will put the trader on the path to abundant success. Very glad that I continue to study with Trading U!”

Eric, Trader, Pennsylvania

Great class! Thanks for all you do!”

Hollis, Trader, S.C.

“I am very happy with what I am learning. Thank you for being a teacher.”

Nick, Trader, U.S.

“I’m very happy with your program and your patience! I just sent my nephew an email praising your course and trading plan. I think his trading would be enhanced by your unique approach”

Stephanie G, Trader, Florida

“I’m doing very well with your method. It is great! Thank you.”

Fernando, Financial Advisor, Portugal

“Trading-U’s courses are the best available…The strategies taught are eye-opening and will change the way you trade. I highly recommend this course to all traders…”

Kelly, Engineer, Australia

“Jay’s courses have been invaluable to my trading education. I am feeling much more comfortable with the techniques and am happy with where I am in my new trading career.”

Stewart, M.D. Pittsburg

“Your program is great…Thanks.”

Adam, Chicago

“So glad I decided to purchase the course. I look at charts and price action so differently now.”

Chris, Perth, Western Australia

“After 9 years of trading, I came across Jay (at and within the first week the puzzle was completed. I recommend Jay to anybody who is looking to succeed in their trading career…”

Chris A, Nottinghamshire, U.K.

“Dear Jay, You have got to be the most dedicated instructor I have ever had and the most unselfish. I have been around the online trading community for over 4 years and your program is the most understandable, comprehensive and (don’t change your tuition) inexpensive. Your webinars are so personal that I feel like I’ve met you in person ”.

Joe K, M.D., PA, U.S.A.

“Truly, thanks for your professionalism and your teaching, I really have learned a lot from you already in reading two of your books and the short time I have been listening to your course studies.”

Bryce, Teacher, OR, U.S.A.

“After 3 years of trading I’ve found your RTT methodology suits me better than any other I’ve tried.”

Alan, Engineer, U.K.

“Hi Jay,
I just want to thank you for a good trading week. I did my trade journal and realized I had no losing trades this week. First in a long while. Your “Preaching on Patience” sank in…….hooray!!! Thank You”

Connie H, Trader, Florida

“Since adopting the Trading University method I have moved into that category of trader who has more winning trades than losers. The method is really an eye opener and for me it’s the master key. My improvements didn’t happen from one day to next but by hard work, sitting tight and attending the live sessions. My trading continues to improve from month to month. Thanks.”

Adi L, Vienna, Austria

“I have been reviewing your method over the summer and it is great. I did some back testing and it really works, I think now I understood the mechanics of it !!! I took two successful trades last week with some Edge 1 and it was really nice…Many Thanks!!!”

Laurent L, IT, Paris