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5 real estate cryptocurrencies you need to know

08.04.2018, 6:09 p.m. |

Alice Cruickshank

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium continue to dominate the headlines. But the problem with most cryptocurrencies is that they are not “real” in the sense that they are not associated with any tangible assets. These five companies believe they have the solution — by tying their cryptocurrencies to real estate investments. For a cryptocurrency to take off, it must meet its “soft cap” or the minimum number of tokens sold or capital earned for the investment to be made. The starting value of each currency is listed below.


Initial Coin Offering Value 1 SRC: 1 Swiss Franc | Founded by Brigitte Luginbühl, Vice President of JLL, Zurich, SwissRealCoin is directly linked to Swiss real estate assets, described by the founders as “one of the world’s most crisis-resistant assets”. SwissRealCoin is an Etherium-based crypto token. The Initial Coin Offering will fund the development of the blockchain platform SwisRealCoin and will also invest in real estate. The company also pledged 5% of funds from the Puerto Rico coin sale in March towards public housing and school buildings in the country.

property coin

Initial coin offering value 1 PCX: $50 | This token is the work of investment company Aperture, which focuses on acquiring, rehabilitating, and selling distressed residential properties, while lending to smaller investors using the same strategy. Each coin holder owns a percentage of all Property Coin assets. Coin holders are also entitled to 50% of the net profits from these real estate and credit investments. Aperture will then reinvest those profits into new real estate-related investments.

Thaler One

Initial Coin Offer Value 1 Thaler: $1 | With its low entry price, Thaler One was created with the aim of making real estate investing accessible to people who could otherwise only afford it through schemes such as mutual funds. The token promises investors the opportunity to receive ongoing rental income and/or loan interest, as well as an additional profit from the appreciation of the asset after the sale. However, this is probably not suitable for total investment novices, as Thaler One must be purchased using cryptocurrency: either fiat, etherium, or bitcoin.


Initial Coin Offering value not yet available | This cryptocurrency is still in its early stages, although it is already making big claims about how it will revolutionize real estate investing. HiP says it aims to “decentralize and unlock real estate wealth” through its tokens. As part of its investment, HiP will trade debt and stocks in real-time. HiP also suggests it will allow homeowners to unlock value from their assets, although the company is yet to release a whitepaper, it’s unclear exactly how this will work.

asset coin

Initial Coin Offering Value 1 Assetcoin: $0.10 | One of Assetcoin’s unique features is that it offers token holders the right to vote for the property they plan to purchase, and buyers can choose which properties to invest in. Unlike some other cryptocurrencies, it is also a versatile token, meaning asset coins can be transferred to someone else.

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