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5 Passive Income Crypto Sites for 2022

The world of cryptography is full of possibilities; you can achieve a lot with small efforts. On this occasion, we will delve into the thought of earning passive income from various crypto platforms. While staying current through active engagement, you don’t need to constantly buy and sell crypto to grow your portfolio.

Many crypto-powered platforms offer returns in the form of passive income. The concept itself is not new or revolutionary; If you are knowledgeable about finance, you are probably familiar with compound interest or dividend reinvestment, which would be similar to earning passive income from crypto investing strategies.

So let’s unveil the secrets of passive income with crypto. Keep reading our guide to learn more about the top apps you can use to earn interest on your crypto assets.

Quick Guide to Passive Income Crypto Sites

Buying and holding crypto is one of the ways to earn a return without being proactive in the market. You can buy a digital asset and keep it in a secure wallet, hoping that over time its price will increase. It could be a long-term strategy that could result in owning quality assets to sell. However, this system cannot be considered as a truly passive source of income. Therefore, there are other strategies such as staking, lending, cloud mining, dividend-earning tokens or yield farming.

Let’s say you want to start using a crypto platform to make some extra money with little to no effort. The steps to go through would be the following:

  • Choose the best crypto financial solution;
  • Complete the sign-up process;
  • carry out the required identity verification;
  • Deposit with your preferred payment method;
  • Once on the platform, buy crypto;
  • gain interest.

Provided you have chosen the best service for earning interest, compound interest application will make you witness account increases on a daily basis.

Best Passive Income Crypto Sites Reviewed

Navigating crypto platforms can be overwhelming. Luckily, some of them have done a great job of simplifying the user experience. If you are a crypto enthusiast or trader, these top 5 crypto sites for 2022 can save you time and money and increase your returns.


Aqru.io is a simple service designed to improve your crypto investing results. The best thing about AQRU is that beginners as well as experienced traders can join and benefit. The website itself is minimalist and easy to navigate, but if you want to manage your crypto activities on the go, you can do so through the AQRU mobile app.

5 Passive Income Crypto Sites for 2022-1

AQRU makes it easy to deposit, earn and withdraw funds. The service supports crypto staples like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and stablecoins USDT, USDC, and DAI. In order for AQRU to add more coins, there must be strong demand for them, and even then the service will only include coins with a consistent track record and proven utility.

AQRU has been operational since December 2021 and has gained remarkable momentum in the early months of 2022. The platform operates as an authorized virtual asset provider with enhanced encryption and even offers a joining bonus to new users. The company’s founders believe that the key is to simplify complex financial products so that anyone can interact with them. This idea drove AQRU.


What amenities does AQRU offer? There are several perks and benefits, but let’s break the package down to the top benefits. First, the service does not charge for buying crypto. There are also no blocking periods. In addition, the interest rates paid are among the best in the crypto market today. For example, you can earn 12% interest on stablecoins, while Ethereum and Bitcoin pay 7% interest.

What was once impenetrable for ordinary investors, AQRU solves by providing a user-friendly platform that facilitates crypto conversion and earns returns on select consents without delay. AQRU prides itself on being able to pay daily interest on clients’ crypto holdings. Should you decide to invest in crypto with AQRU, the service tracks your interest payments by the hour and makes daily repayments.

5 Passive Income Crypto Sites for 2022-2

Another thing that underscores AQRU’s supremacy is the fast funding process. Getting started is easy knowing that you can deposit by card, bank transfer or wallet-to-wallet. Additionally, there is no fee for fiat withdrawals and $20 for crypto withdrawals. You can submit a withdrawal request and receive your earnings within 24 hours. With clear updates to your investment portfolio, AQRU makes a confusing crypto world much easier. It’s at the top of the list for that.


2. Krypto.com

Crypto.com has been around for a while with the goal of becoming the world’s most desirable cryptocurrency compound interest site. The platform already has more than 10 million registered users and has one of the most diverse crypto trading offerings. The Crypto.com exchange also has a mobile app that is just as easy to use as the desktop site and supports over 250 different cryptocurrencies.

In terms of passive income, Crypto.com offers various faucets that users can use to supplement their investment income. The service has an earn program that allows users to lock up their coins for a select number of months and earn interest. For example, you can earn 6% with BTC, while USDC is up to 10%. Other supported coins are Polkadot (12.5%), Polygon (12.5%), USD Coin (8%) and many others.

Although the program is not ideal, it is worth considering the large number of supported tokens and the choice of terms (fixed or flexible).

3. eToro

eToro is a regulated crypto exchange where you can buy, sell and trade crypto assets. However, if you are looking for a passive income crypto site for your next investment in 2022, eToro is a strong contender. Additionally, the service has a significantly lower minimum initial deposit, making it more attractive to newbies just getting into online crypto trading.

Still, eToro is very different from household crypto exchanges like Coinbase or Binance. Users need to open a new account and set up their profiles with a newsfeed and wall. This is because eToro operates as a social trading platform.

Probably the most distinctive feature of eToro is the CopyTrader. This feature allows users to add top traders to their wishlist and duplicate their trades for improved returns. eToro’s CopyTrader offers higher APY than most crypto staking platforms, and your funds actually do some work instead of being parked somewhere for a little interest accumulation.

4. Coin Base

Coinbase is one of the top cryptocurrency platforms precisely because it offers much more than just buying/selling Bitcoin. Many Coinbase users started staking early, but it’s never too late to get involved. The premise is simple – you set up your account with Coinbase, store your digital currencies in the wallet, and complete specific tasks for rewards. If staking isn’t your way of earning passive income, Coinbase also offers Coinbase Card and Coinbase Earn programs.

The Coinbase Card features a Visa debit card that awards crypto rewards for everyday purchases. Every swipe counts and you can earn up to 4% back on every purchase. You can also change the premiums at any time and thus diversify your assets.

Coinbase Earn is a program that requires you to watch Coinbase tutorials on various cryptocurrencies and complete quizzes. The service rewards you with crypto for each completed quiz. It might be an unusual concept, but why not take advantage of it if you’re learning about specific cryptos you’re not familiar with? It’s a win-win situation.

5. Centigrade

Celsius is a crypto lending platform with one of the most accessible crypto apps. Running a Celsius account also means you can earn passive income every Monday. As? The rewards will come your way as soon as funds are credited to your account, either in CEL or another crypto that you deposited with. The network supports over 30 different coins and tokens and currently allows users to earn up to 18.63% APY.

If we had to list one downside to Celsius, it would be the fact that you cannot deposit or buy crypto via bank transfer. Card transfers are enabled but come with high fees. The painless option would be to buy crypto/stablecoin on an exchange and then send funds to Celsius. Some exchanges allow free outgoing transfers, so it may be worth checking them out.

Final Thoughts

With the right tools, you can start earning passive income without waiting years for results. Building a sizable crypto income is no longer a dream if you have some patience and knowledge. All you have to do is reassess your portfolio and venture onto vetted crypto platforms to get the best returns on your digital assets. From AQRU to Celsius, choose the right crypto platform to sustain your long-term investments.



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