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3 Cryptos to Dodge Crypto Crash: Firepin (FRPN), Cardano (ADA), Hedera (HBAR)

Since the beginning of the financial year, the crypto The market has been the focus of bad news for some tokens and many investors. However, the current crash can be a great opportunity to invest in the decline after doing some thorough research.

Some tokens look overall profitable in the coming months due to their promising characteristics and a steady recovery market Gloom. It could be a great addition to your portfolio. You can choose to reap the rewards immediately or HODL as a long-term game plan.

Here are the crypto projects worth checking; Firepin (FRPN), Cardano (ADA) and Hedera (HBAR)!

Fire Needle (FRPN)
Fire Needle (FRPN) is a new promising entry into crypto market. The token will provide a platform for staking and farming to support the investor’s passive income. This feature aims to allow investors to validate their transactions based on the number of tokens they wager and these validated network transactions would result in additional rewards.

Additionally, yield farming would allow investors to lend their tokens, allowing them to earn interest and borrowing fees as rewards.

The additional features create a huge scope for investors to easily generate passive income, which only leads to a portfolio strengthening. Fire Needle (FRPN) is equipped with other functions such as a dedicated NFT marketplace, cross-chain swapping, a metaverse, game development, etc.

After two successful stages Fire Needle (FRPN) is in the third pre-sale phase. This could be an ideal time to invest in a token that has the potential to become the next big thing in the crypto market at a low price.

Cardano (ADA)
Cardano (ADA) is slowly recovering from the recent market slump. If Cardano’s old trends can be trusted, there will be a steady increase in value over the coming weeks. This could be the last opportunity for investors to “buy the dip” and then sit back and watch their money grow.

With an outstanding performance in the first quarter of the year Cardano (ADA) experienced a lot of network activity and the high transaction volume (LTV) of the blockchain represented an increase in institutional demand.

Cardano (ADA) received a significant upgrade in September 2021 after its initial release in 2017. This has supported the growth of ADA, with the Cardano ecosystem recently adding 400 new projects, bringing the total number of projects to around 900. DeFi loans, new wallets, and NFT collections are now part of the fast-growing network.

Hedera (HBAR)
Hedera (HBAR) is based on the unique Ledger technology known as Hashgraph. Outperforming traditional blockchains in terms of speed, cost and scalability, this platform is actively used to build powerful decentralized apps (dApps).

Hedera offers coveted services like smart contracts, file storage, and consistent transactions. Hederas (HBAR) Native Coin also secures the system and ensures the integrity of the platform. The platform promises 10,000 transactions per second, which is considered a desirable transaction volume-speed ratio in the fintech industry.

From Friday, Hedera (HBAR) Tokens are valued at $0.54 with a market cap of $18.2 billion. It has sailed well over the past week, restoring market hope for the crypto token.

Remember to do research and analysis on your portfolio before investing in a crypto Sign. Your chosen coin must have features and performance consistent with your financial goals and aspirations!

Learn more about Firepin (FRPN) here:

Join the presale: https://presale.firepin.io/register
Website: https://firepin.io/

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