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COVID-19: Top news about the coronavirus pandemic on November 8th

  • This daily news bulletin provides you with a selection of the latest news and updates on the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, along with tips and tools to help you stay informed and protected.
  • Top Stories: UK Launches Antiviral Drug Study For COVID-19; Travel restrictions for COVID-19 in the US have been eased starting today; New COVID-19 restrictions in Greece.

1. How COVID-19 is affecting the world

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 have exceeded 249.8 million worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. The number of confirmed deaths has now exceeded 5.04 million. According to Our World in Data, more than 7.25 billion vaccine doses have been administered worldwide.

Australia has started giving boosts of the Pfizer / BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine as restrictions were further eased in Sydney.

New Zealand will ease COVID-19 restrictions in Auckland, with lockdown measures likely to expire by the end of the month, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

Indonesia will start giving COVID-19 booster vaccinations to the public once 50% of the population is fully vaccinated, its health minister said. The 50% mark is expected to be reached by the end of next month.

South Korea has agreed to buy 70,000 courses of Pfizer’s experimental COVID-19 antiviral pill, the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency said on Saturday.

Costa Rican children aged 5 and over must be vaccinated against COVID-19 under a new mandate from the Ministry of Health.

The Greek authorities have announced new measures restricting access to cafes and restaurants, government services, banks and shops to people who are either vaccinated or who have a negative test. It’s coming because new COVID-19 cases hit new daily highs almost every day in November.

According to local media, J -an recorded no daily deaths from COVID-19 for the first time in more than a year on Sunday

New confirmed COVID-19 cases per million people in selected countries every day.

Image: Our world in data

2. UK launches antiviral drug study for COVID-19

The UK will begin rolling out Merck’s antiviral pill molnupiravir COVID-19 through a drug trial later this month, Susan Hopkins, senior medical advisor for the UK Health Authority, said Sunday.

The UK became the first country in the world to  -prove the pill last week. The government announced in October that it had secured 480,000 courses of the Merck drug and another 250,000 courses of an antiviral pill had been ordered from Pfizer.

When asked about molnupiravir’s  -proval, Hopkins told   television, “This is great news and a drug trial will begin late this month / early December.”

Hopkins said all the trials so far have been on unvaccinated people so this would help understand how it will work in the wider vaccinated population.

“The new Pfizer drug is unlikely to be  -proved until the new year,” she added. “It will probably be a few more months.”

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3. Delays expected as travel restrictions for COVID-19 in the US ease

The US is preparing for long lines and delays today if travel restrictions are relaxed today, a senior official told Reuters on Friday.

President Joe Biden’s administration “expects a backlog of travel, which means longer waiting times for travelers,” the official said. The government increased staffing levels to pre-pandemic levels, but “long lines are expected in the first few days”.

The US is lifting travel restrictions on fully vaccinated air travelers from 33 countries and on its land borders with Mexico and Canada. The restrictions put in place during the pandemic in early 2020 banned most non-U.S. Citizens who had been in any of the 33 counties in the past 14 days.

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