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City of Williamsport’s new website is now up and running | News, sports, jobs

The city’s new website has been online since Tuesday.

It can be found at www.cityofwilliamsport.org.

The website was redesigned with the help of the city and approved by the council by Spyke Krepshaw, Assistant Professor of Computer Information Technology at the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Mayor Derek Slaughter announced the redesign of the city’s website and what it was like “Live.”

“I focused on transparency, efficiency and accountability and the new website is another step in that direction.” he said.

“The website is fluent and will continue to be updated and improved” he said.

The website provides links to acting members in various city departments including: Codes, Fire Department, Police, Community and Economic Development, Finance, Human Resources, Public Works, Recreation, River Valley Transit, Treasurer and Tax Collector, and Williamsport Parking Authority.

The homepage features a photo of City Hall at 245 W. Fourth Street. The page has a top bar with the city’s seal on the left and links to government and department, as well as an area for news and documents.

The site has quick links, a right-to-know form (which allows the public to obtain certain information that has been withheld but the public may have a right of viewing), and lists the information on the newly created Americans with Disabilities Act joint. on committee.

There are lists of photos of the seven city council members, their political party affiliations, and a section where people gave their councilors a message. can send “Get in touch.”

Links from the homepage are the links to the mayor’s office, council, clerks, committees, commissions and authorities.

At the bottom down there is a section that will help the users called “I’m looking for,” some kind of search bar.

The website also contains useful links, such as: B. Places where property taxes are paid, online tax certificates, and local tax returns for services.

Since the city is obliged to comply with the Accessibility Act, the website of the disabled community offers the general telephone number and opening times from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

In addition, the website links to other social media sites.

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