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City embankment delayed due to flooding | News, sports, jobs

The impact of the Ida remains will add more than flood-related costs to the city as a construction project approved in July to search Lycoming Creek to build a dam for heavy equipment and trucks as part of levee recertification remains on hold due to flood levels.

The city council approved the $ 36,941 spending and approved the contract for Earthwork Services of Danville to remove rock in the creek and build a dam from west to east to replace the stone walkway that was washed away.

However, Mother Nature has not been cooperative as the work must be done when the creek reaches its lower water level, said Jon Sander, city engineer.

“It is an important project for dike stability”, he said.

Nevertheless, the repeated thunderstorms and showers in August and the remains of Ida at the beginning of September caused the level of the stream water to rise further. Once the creek is at low levels, the project is expected to take three to four days if it happens this year, he said.

“The flood this year did not give the contractor the opportunity to get into the stream to carry out the work.” said Sander.

The city has reached out to the state environmental protection ministry for alternative access to the site, but this is not allowed, Sander said.

Recertification of the dam project began in 2012. The dam needs to be repaired and updated to meet specifications from the Army Corps of Engineers, which built the dam in the 1950s. After levees collapsed during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Federal Emergency Management Agency then set standards for levees to meet. Without the certification, the people protected by the dyke would have to pay for flood insurance.

The next stages include designing the cross pipes, raising the freeboard (or the height from the water to the top of the dam), and building an I-wall on the Lycoming Creek side of the dam.

A large part of the project funding comes from state and federal grants.

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