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Center Consortium introduces team members who will drive the global adoption of digital currencies and blockchain-based financial services

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Center, the consortium founded by Circle and Coinbase to provide standards governance for USD Coin (USDC), which has become the world’s fastest growing digital dollar currency, today unveiled the team that will harmonize standards and will support new partner in order to expand its membership.

Center’s newest team members, including John Shipman, who comes from his role as a partner at PwC, bring with them immense experience and talent from the digital asset and financial services industries, including Circle, Fenwick & West and Clearfield Capital.

“We put this team together to ensure we had the right balance of talent to drive significant growth while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, compliance and trust,” said David Puth, CEO of Center, the Governance and technology has contributed to the roadmap and open source nature of the USDC and its global rollout.

Puth took the helm of Center in December 2020 and was supported as strategic advisor from the start by Sean Neville, Co-Founder of Circle, Founder of Xdotzero and Architect of USDC and Center. He has led a phase of growth that has seen USDC grow from $ 3 billion to more than $ 27 billion. To build on this dynamic, the center will not only add additional staff, but will also open consortium membership to eligible organizations shortly.

Puth spent 19 years at JP Morgan where he held a variety of senior global leadership roles overseeing the bank’s interest rate derivatives, foreign exchange, commodities and emerging markets operations. He was also a member of the JPMorgan Chase Executive Committee and the Investment Bank Management Committee. He then headed CLS, the systemically important financial markets company, the world’s largest multi-currency cash settlement system.

“The growth of USDC and the opportunity for Centers to play a bigger role in transforming the global financial landscape is truly extraordinary,” said Jeremy Allaire, Circle Co-Founder and CEO. “The addition of new, seasoned executives to Center will help support continued USDC adoption and market confidence while harmonizing governance and our open technology roadmap.”

In his first nine months as CEO of Center, Puth hired six new team members, including:

  • John Shipman, Chief Commercial Officer

    • Upon joining Center, John will continue to expand the consortium’s network of partners and potential members around the world. John came from PwC Australia and has led its global cryptocurrency business and financial market advisory for Southeast Asia. John has worked on stablecoin projects since 2015, including Barclays, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Standard Chartered Bank, and CBDC projects in the UK, SGP, South Africa and Indonesia.

  • Mark duBose, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer

    • Mark moves from consortium member Circle to the center. He brings extensive expertise in the areas of compliance and risk management and is advised on the development of membership governance and center standards and guidelines. Mark uses his legal and investment banking experience to develop and adjust risk and compliance standards.

  • Beth Zolkind, CFO

    • Beth joins Center after 13 years as CFO of the Robin Hood Foundation in New York. She is responsible for the financial management of the Centre’s accounts, ledgers and reporting systems and works closely with the CEO and consortium members to advise on budgetary decisions and ensure financial soundness.

  • Chad Richman, Senior Counsel

    • As Senior Legal Counsel, Chad oversees the Centre’s legal affairs, dealing with regulatory matters and the Centre’s standards. With a broad blockchain experience, Chad joins Center from Fenwick & West where he was a key member of their blockchain practice. Chad previously held positions in the tax and financial institutions groups at Davis Polk & Wardwell.

  • Jessica Gardner, operations manager

    • Jessica brings a diverse background to Center to support the team as a business operations manager. She is responsible for logistical and organizational goals and supports marketing and strategy initiatives. Jessica worked in institutional development before moving to global architecture firm SOM and most recently to Clearfield Capital.

  • Kevin Mills, graduate project manager

    • Since joining Center, Kevin has made significant contributions in a number of key areas, taking on project management and research roles in key initiatives. Kevin is currently pursuing his MBA at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, where he is a leader in the blockchain community after several years in technology-driven strategy consulting and institutional investment management.

To learn more about Center, visit Centre.io.

About center

Center, founded by Circle and Coinbase, is the first stablecoin standards organization to provide a regulatory and operational framework for the issuance of fiat-backed stablecoins. Center’s stablecoin, USD Coin (USDC), is the fastest growing and most trusted stablecoin on the market. His leadership of the USDC has created a reliable, replicable framework for the issuance of stablecoins based on the principles of transparency and integrity. USDC in circulation is more than $ 27 billion and has assisted over $ 900 billion in on-chain transactions.

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