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Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Crafting Skills

Even though you may have associated knitting, crocheting, and needlework with your grandmother and her friends, the news flashes: You’re cool again. And one celeb who really shows us how to do it is British diver Tom Daley, who runs his own Craft Instagram account (@madewithlovebytomdaley) and who recently hand-knitted a Union Jack crochet cuddle for his Olympic gold medal.

In a video posted to @madewithlovebytomdaley, the diver noted his love of crocheting as one of the things that kept him sane while training for Tokyo. The caption read: “Thanks to all of my fellows. Learning to knit and crochet helped me a lot at these Olympics and we won GOLD yesterday. “

Elsewhere on @madewithlovebytomdaley, his 207,000 followers can see his handcrafted sweaters, cute little ankle boots, and even a pet accessory or two. And best of all? Daley is giving away some of his creations to charity. Talk about healthy.

But Daley isn’t the only celebrity who likes a little DIY. Oh no. Loose Women presenter Stacey Solomon, for example, often shares homemade creations with her four million followers. And her best friend Mrs. Hinch is pretty adept with a glue gun too.

And in Hollywood, too, the craze for handicrafts is huge, Pierce Brosnan has a penchant for painting and Dame Judi Dench enjoys a bit of handicraft to keep herself busy on the set.

If you’re in the mood for knitting, painting, sewing, or gluing, let these celebs inspire you on your next craft project.

Stacey Solomon

Loose Women host Stacy Solomon is a * great * hobbyist with a special talent for turning households into something new and exciting. In Solomon’s house, candle holders turn into birdhouses, stove racks turn into make-up shelves, and picture frames turn into food trays. In other words, the upcycling possibilities are really endless.

Mrs. Hinch

Ms. Hinch, another queen of tidying up and organizing, doesn’t shy away from tinkering. Much of Hinch’s house is handmade, including this rustic heart decoration that she “made from chopsticks and stuck to the wall with command strips”. Ms. Hinch also has a featured story called Make & Mend on her Insta which describes all of her DIY projects.

Pierce Brosnan

When Pierce Brosnan is not doing fast chases on a Greek island or singing “When All Is Said And Done”, Pierce Brosnan has another hobby: painting. He began painting at 16 and rediscovered the craft in 1987 when his first wife, Cassandra Harris, was battling cancer. The gallery on his website shows his extensive collection from the past four decades. In January 2021, he revealed to People magazine that he is setting up a studio wherever he films. “Art saved my life,” he says.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles-based art gallery Seasons exhibited some of Brosnan’s paintings known as earplugs. In 2018, his portrait of Bob Dylan sold for $ 1.4 million at the 25th amFAR Cannes Charity Gala. Talk about a multiple hyphen.

Judi Dench

When the camera stops rolling on set, Oscar-winning Judi Dench loves creating art by hand. Dench never takes life too seriously and uses her talents to create pillows embroidered with NSFW messages and gift them to her co-stars.

“She does these like hand embroidery on set in the boredom of filming, but they’re all ‘You Are AC ***’,” Dench’s Pride and Prejudice co-star Matthew McFadyen once told Premier Magazine. “And she does it beautifully, complicatedly, artistically [work)]. You can see how the work materializes in the course of the shooting. Like, ‘You’re a fucking s ***.’ ”

Most recently, she gifted Artemis Fowl co-star Josh Gad with an embroidered pillow that said “Back off 2 inches” to make fun of his overly loving manner on set.


Griff’s creativity isn’t just limited to her music – she also makes her own clothes. Speaking to Vogue in 2019, the singer-songwriter announced that she had styled and created all of the clothes for her video “Did’t Break It Enough”. “Things are fun to make and I find you make unique looking things that you won’t find on the main drag,” she said. “I admit I was cocky when I thought I could style this shoot. I looked around stores feeling uninspired so I thought I make my own clothes. My best friend and I bought some fabrics, started sewing and luckily everyone seemed to like what we did. ”

In addition to the looks in “Did’t Break It Enough”, Griff also did the blue dress that featured in her video “Good Stuff” and the outfit that rocked her at the 2021 BRIT Awards.

Serena Williams

In addition to being one of the greatest tennis players in the world, Serena Williams is also a fan of ceramics. In February 2019, she discovered her love for the art form and shared her passion on Instagram with her fans. Williams hasn’t posted any pictures of her creations since, but you just know they’d be as flawless as her backhand.

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins is not satisfied with two Oscars, three BAFTAs and an accolade in his name, but tries his hand at painting from time to time. The actor Silence of the Lambs was first introduced to painting by a friend in the neighborhood when he was about six years old. Citing artistic influences like Oskar Kokoschka and Francis Picabia, Hopkins told ARTnews that he takes a heavily improvisational approach to the craft. He said, “I’m hyperactive. Sometimes I start with three pictures at the same time. I’m trying to change the style of painting, but there is no style. I experiment with oil and acrylic paints and ink and just mix everything together. I really enjoy painting, like playing the piano. I have a lot of fun with it. I only paint for the sheer joy of it. ”

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