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Celebrities who have changed names or spellings

Celebrities who have changed their names or spelling

There are many well-known celebrities who have decided to change their spelling or name for various reasons. Some celebrities changed the spelling of their first and / or last names due to numerology or astrology. While it’s all a matter of belief, for many celebrities, these choices have proven to be worthwhile.

From Ayushmann Khurrana to Shilpa Shetty, actors have often spoken about the reasons why they decided to change their name or the spelling of their name. Let’s find out more details about these celebs!

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Ayushmann Khurrana

In an interaction with Neha Dhupia on her chat show No Filter, Neha Ayushmann Khurrana shared the real reason for changing the spelling of his old surname and first name. The actor announced that his first and last name had been changed by his astrologer father so that his name would be numerically correct.

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty will appear in public for the first time soon after Raj's arrest

Not many people know that Shilpa is Shetty’s real name is Ashwini! According to reports, it was her mother Sunanda Shetty, also an astrologer, who decided in the 90s to rename her Shilpa because, according to numerology, this offered better prospects for her daughter. In fact, all of Shilpa’s legal documents like her passport and educational certificates are named Ashwini, but she is known on-screen as Shilpa and more.

Rajkummar Rao

The actor made his debut as Rajkumar Yadav with Kai Po Che, but later changed it to Rajkummar Rao for numerological reasons in 2013. According to a report in the Deccan Chronicle, he said, “My mother asked me to add the extra ‘m’ to my name. As for my last name change, Rao and Yadav have the same meaning in Haryana, the change now before it’s too late as I have a lot of big banner films. “

Ajay Devgn

The popular star changed the spelling of his surname at the urging of his family. According to a report in Filmibeat, the actor was asked by his mother to change the spelling from Devgan to Devgn in order to improve his health.

Tusshar Kapoor

According to reports, Tusshar Kapoor changes the spelling of his name from Tushar to Tusshar on the recommendation of an astrologer. His son Laksshya Kapoor also has an unusual spelling with an additional “s”.

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