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Celebrities Read Their Favorite Books to Promote Literacy on Top-10 Kids App Zigazoo | National News

MIAMI, October 7, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Every Wednesday, celebrities pitch in to read their favorite children’s books on Zigazoo to promote literacy and share a love of reading with hundreds of thousands of children around the world. Each reading contains a unique challenge question that is designed to deliver a positive lesson and to allow Zigazoo users to directly answer their favorite stars with a video.

Early reading and writing skills play an important role in long-term academic success, including graduation from high school and college. To inspire kids to fall in love with reading and practice these basic reading and writing skills, Zigazoo invited actors, musicians, athletes, and more to host readings of their favorite books on the app and create a challenge to match the Make readings interactive. Every time Zigazoo users film a video response on their favorite celebrity, they receive a book badge to add to their Zigazoo profile.

The Celebrity Reads program started last summer and has already received hundreds of thousands of views in its first few weeks. Stars from hit series and films such as This Is Us and PAW Patrol started the initiative. The last reading came from yesterday Lebron James who has read his children’s book, I promise.

Zak Ringelstein, Founder and CEO of Zigazoo, said, “We founded Zigazoo to inspire kids to be the best version of themselves!”

Celebrities have gathered to support Zigazoo’s mission to bring healthier, more creative screen time to children. Serena williams’ Serena Ventures and Jimmy Kimmel both invested in Zigazoo’s latest fundraising round, led by MaC Venture Capital earlier this spring. Since then, Zigazoo content has come from brands like Apple TV +, Netflix, Peanuts Worldwide, PAW Patrol, and the newly released film Addams Family 2.

Just over a year after launch, Zigazoo is one of the top 10 apps in the Apple App Store for kids ages 9-11.

About Zigazoo

Zigazoo is a top 10 children’s app on the Apple App Store and recently raised funds from MaC Venture Capital, Serena Ventures, Talis Capital, Wheelhouse Entertainment, Jimmy Kimmel, and other Hollywood Heavyweights. Zigazoo hosts kid-friendly challenges from brands and talent like Apple TV +, Netflix, Peanuts Worldwide, and PAW Patrol. TechCrunch calls Zigazoo “the future of distance learning” and CNN says Zigazoo is the “example of providing kids with a social yet safe place to be online”. Zigazoo’s safety has been recognized by children’s media organizations such as Common Sense Media and is a member of the kidSAFE seal program. Founded in 2020 by parents and former elementary school teachers, Zigazoo makes screen time healthier, safer, and more creative.

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