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Celebrities Offer Advice for College Freshmen and Their Parents

“When our kids went to college, I encouraged them to get out of their comfort zone,” says Emhoff. “Develop friendships with people whose paths you might not otherwise cross. Sign up for courses on topics you know nothing about. Go to plays, concerts, sporting events, lectures. Travel to new places, because that’s one thing in life you will never regret. Get involved in your community. Seize this incredible opportunity. These years will fly by. “

As a parent, “Sometimes the hardest, yet most important thing when it comes to sending your children to school is that it is about them, not you, to explore and develop their interests. So proud to see your child grow into a strong and independent person. “

Emhoff’s daughter Ella graduated from the New School’s Parsons School of Design in New York City in May.

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