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Celebrities express outrage at Texas law banning abortion at six weeks

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Celebrities like Lizzo, Bella Hadid and Finneas have reacted on social media to a ruling in Texas banning abortion after six weeks.

The Heartbeat Act bans abortions after what anti-abortion activists call a “fetal heartbeat” is established.

The law, signed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott in May, prevents abortions before most people even know they are pregnant.

The law went into effect Wednesday, whereupon rights groups filed an urgency complaint to prevent its enforcement.

In a nightly vote, a deeply divided Supreme Court ruled 5: 4 against the granting of the injunction.

Like many others, celebrities have used social media to vent and express their feelings about the law, many of which are outraged.

Finneas discouraged fans from supporting politicians who disagree with abortion (Image: Instagram)

(Image: Instagram)
Bella Hadid shared a post to show solidarity with those affected by the ruling (Image: Instagram)

In an Instagram live, Lizzo shared her views on physical autonomy and the separation of religion and politics.

The 33-year-old Juice hitmaker, who called the verdict “unconstitutional,” said, “You have the right to do what you want, but the people who make laws must stay out of people’s bodies.”

The three-time Grammy winner also insisted that the government should focus on the pandemic: “Let’s focus on the fact that there are always nurses who don’t take breaks, who don’t eat.

(Image: Instagram)
Aubrey Plaza insisted everyone deserves access to safe abortions: (Image: Instagram)

(Image: Instagram)
Michelle Visage’s message was loud and clear: Keep abortion legal (Image: Instagram)

“I’m just a singer, brother, and my team has been sending lunches to hospitals across the country on a regular basis since this pandemic started because the infrastructure doesn’t support the people who are actually keeping people alive.”

The star went on to admit that she is “tired” and “so sad” about the political landscape in America.

Elsewhere, Reese Witherspoon told Twitter, “I stand with the women of Texas, who have the constitutional right to make choices about their health and their own bodies. #BansOffOurBodies’

(Image: Instagram)
The Haim sisters asked for unity to effect change (Image: Instagram)

Comedian Amy Schumer also tweeted, “The latest Texas abortion ban, # SB8, gives politicians, neighbors, and even strangers the right to sue those who perform an abortion after 6 weeks or just help patients. The time to fight for our reproductive health and rights is now! #BansOffOurBodies ”followed by a link to a petition created by Planned Parenthood.

Other celebrities who have shared their frustration include the musician Finneas.

Billie Eilish’s brother, 24, used Instagram stories to discourage people from supporting Larry Elder, a Conservative who strongly opposes Roe vs. Wade, a breakthrough decision that allows pregnant women the right to abortion.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun Singer Cyndi Lauper went to her Instagram feed to promote unity and said, “We have to fight for everyone’s reproductive freedom.”

Other celebs responding to the abortion ban include Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, Aubrey Plaza, and Michelle Visage.

The Haim sisters also used their platform to emphasize that the legislation will cause harm “unless we do something about it”.

Someone who is never afraid to share their political beliefs is Lauren Jauregui.

In a long Twitter thread, the former member of Fifth Harmony (25) expressed that the “gloomy” decision would have “devastating consequences”.

(Image: Instagram)
Lauren Jauregui asked why men’s bodies aren’t being monitored like women (Image: Instagram)

“This is not going to eliminate the need for safe abortions, it is going to eliminate the rights of women and obstetricians across Texas,” she said, adding, “The blatant attacks on our physical autonomy in this nation and around the world should be extremely alarming . ” US.’

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) echoed the musician’s words, stating, “This law is wreaking havoc in just 24 hours, especially on communities of color and people without resources.”

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US President Joe Biden himself has broken the law making no exception for rape or incest and vowed to “protect and defend” women’s rights.

Protesters line the streets in Texas demanding that the verdict be overturned so everyone can have access to the health care they need.

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