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Cardi B’s dancehall birthday bash was relaxing celebrities on the dance floor

If you are from the Caribbean or if you are into culture, you know that bashment means everyone takes the dance floor at some point. Cardi B’s recent dancehall parties were no exception. Like a real Caribbean empress, the rapper celebrated his 29th trip around the sun. And it’s no exaggeration to say that the celebrities in attendance felt the energy in the air because the dance moves didn’t stop!

Qadi used spices to bring the credibility of Caribbean features to the party. Dancehall artist I took you to Instagram

“”Happy Birthday @iamcardib We couldn’t have a dancehall party without the Dancehall Queen, ”Spice wrote on Instagram. “Your party was a fucking movie. Thank you for hiring me to play for you and yes you did this very professional job and with all of my crew I spent a ton of lump sums on you to fly. ”

Spice did exactly what it had to do. She adjusted the moments of some stages that are now viral, but you have to read on to see them!

Cardi B.

Cardy jumped out in a black and gold outfit and uploaded it just like in her WAP music video. In the round clip, she hops her flap and sits whimpering on the bus, both alone and on her husband’s compensation.

Ella Mai

Cute Ella Mai surprised people online when she showed off her whining in a video. An R&B singer was working her waist when she intrigued someone’s unknown son at a party. Our girl put her hands on her lap and on the floor and patted Jamaican roots.


Normani is not afraid of moving around on the bus. If she could inspire a mini-to-work session at Paris Fashion Week, why not kill a moment at a dancehall party? After moving her hips seductively, she split and fell to the floor, which resulted in some bumps on the floor.

Megan Thee stallion

Now everyone knows Megan got the titanium knee that gwrolz is begging for! When she and Spice were shaking, twisting, and cheeking on the stage, she made them pull back!

Teyana Taylor

Listen, Teyana must have attended a lot of dancehall festivals during her time. She fully understood the task when she jumped on the back of another party guest while he was succumbing to the dance. She also tested her waistline while Guest Clappa went to work under her!


Finally, Quavo is definitely important. Unlike a woman, he played the same role as the mysterious husband of Ella Mai. Quavo was leaning against the structure when one of Spice’s dancers gave him a true Jamaican dancehall experience, even though Spice insisted on stepping into the center of the stage.

The dancer jumped on Quavo, wrapped his legs and gave him a strong hump. Then she jumped and gave him a hump, which was further divided in half while his icy sunglasses clung to his head for a life dear!

Ouch! Now it’s a shame, done right. Check out all of the clips below.

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