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BraveWords’ Top News Stories of 2021: # 30 – # 21

The big wide world was full of stories of a virus and various other illnesses in 2021, but there were also many notable things (for better or worse) in the field of heavy metal. BraveWords rounds up the 66 top news items of 2021, ranging from highs and lows to the weird and the weird.

The top stories were grouped based on the number of views, not the importance of the story.

30) IRON MAIDEN currently ranked 4th on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Fan Voting

Iron Maiden was ranked 4th among the nominees for the 2021 class of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in the fan poll. On February 18, 2021, Iron Maiden had garnered almost 76,000 votes, finishing fourth. In first place, however, is Fela Kuti with almost 145,000 votes.

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29) CRADLE OF FILTH, SATYRICON guest actress ANDREA MEYER killed in a bow and arrow attack in Kongsberg

In one terrible and unfortunate occurrence, Andrea Meyer Haugen, who made guest appearances on Cradle of Filth’s 1994 debut The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh and Satyricon’s nemesis Divina, and is also known for making music under the names of Andrea Nebel, Nebelhexë and Hagalaz’s Runedance was one of four women killed in a bow and arrow attack on October 13 in Kongsberg, Norway.

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28) KISS – The friend of the late drummer ERIC CARR, CARRIE STEVENS, talks about a new documentary – “Looking At A November Release”

The girlfriend of late KISS drummer Eric Carr, Carrie Stevens, told BraveWords’ Aaron Small in April that a documentary about Carr was in production and would be released in November.

“We’re looking for a release date in November 2021,” said Stevens, “as November 24th will be thirty years since Eric died of a rare form of heart cancer. The documentary is currently untitled. We will publish more information in the coming months. “

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27) GENE SIMMONS apologizes to DAVID LEE ROTH – “I am so sorry and ashamed”; Video

Gene Simmons know how to make headlines. After some unflattering statements about David Lee Roth and the removal of KISS ‘The End Of The Road Tour, Simmons followed up with an apology.

Showing a rare humility, the demon said, “I’m so sorry and ashamed that I hurt David’s feelings. I’m the guy who saw her (Van Halen) in a club and signed her to my production company . ” Man Of A Thousand Faces, they flew to New York, produced their first 24-track demo with 15 songs and stood up for the band. And we actually took David on tour as our opening act. And during an interview … you hear me talking, I just have a kind of stream of consciousness … I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, and every now and then diarrhea comes in my mouth. “

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26) VINCE NEIL cancels upcoming solo show

Vince Neil canceled a solo show in New York at Batvia Downs on June 18. The cancellation was announced three days before the show.

The venue issued a statement stating, “Batavia Downs Gaming & Hotel announced today that the concert on June 18, 2021 will no longer take place with Vince Neil due to circumstances beyond their control.”

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25) TED NUGENT tests positive for COVID-19 – “Everyone told me not to announce this”

Even the Motor City Madman couldn’t dodge the COVID-19 bullet. Ted Nugent tested positive for the virus in April.

“I have an announcement to make,” Nugent said, “and everyone was telling me not to announce this. I’ve had the flu symptoms for 10 days. I thought I was dying, I mean, just a cluster fuck.”

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24) MICHAEL ANTHONY calls tour with CHICKENFOOT – “Some of the best times I’ve ever had on the street”

In an interview with New Jersey radio station 105.5 WDHA FM, bassist Michael Anthony spoke about the supergroup Chickenfoot with Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani and Chad Smith.

“I definitely think Chickenfoot will do something different,” assured Anthony. “If we record another album, that would be great – I would love to do that. But I’d love to just be together and even do a few shows – a couple of shows with these guys make some of the best times I’ve ever had on the street. Believe me – touring with Chad Smith is like touring with no other. “

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23) CHILDREN OF BODOM / BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT front man ALEXI LAIHO dies of health reasons – “We are all absolutely shocked and devastated”

The metal and music world lost the great Alexi Laiho in late 2020 and his death was confirmed in January 2021. Laiho struggled with a variety of health problems but started over with his band Bodom After Midnight.

“We are shocked by the sudden death of our dear friend and band member. Words cannot describe this shock and the deep sadness we feel ”, say Daniel Freyberg, Mitja Toivonen and Waltteri Väyrynen from Bodom After Midnight.

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22) BILLY IDOL guitarist STEVE STEVENS on METALLICA – “I think you are the next generation BLACK SABBATH”

Guitarist Steve Stevens praised Metallica and identified the Thrash Metal icons as the next generation of Black Sabbath.

Stevens said, “I think they are the next generation Black Sabbath in terms of their contribution and impact, as well as their uniqueness and willingness to do what was not the norm. And so you always get the big ones when people leave, ‘Yeah, we’re not going to do it like it was done before.’ And James’ riffs … “

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21) DEE SNIDER says when TWISTED SISTER opened up to IRON MAIDEN in the 80s – “That was when touring was touring and men were men”

In an interview with BraveWords, Dee Snider recalled that Twisted Sister supported Iron Maiden on their World Slavery tour, which TS supported on 189 tour dates.

Snider said: “People call it Hair Metal, this, that, the other, but in the beginning there was no separation,” he looks back lovingly. “We were a strange metal band. We toured with Motörhead, we toured with Saxon, we toured Europe with Metallica, we toured with Iron Maiden and nobody blinked. Back then, tours were tours and men were men. The shows were sold out when the doors opened and we took the stage, the arena was full, there wasn’t any show up later just to see the headliner. “

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