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BBC Pointless Celebrities: Kerry Godliman’s 14-year friendship with Ricky Gervais and why she won’t follow him to LA

British television is a small world of familiar faces who take on various acting roles and show off their acting skills.

One minute your favorite actress is playing the bad guy and the next minute she’s portraying an angelic single mother struggling to make ends meet.

But that is exactly how convincing and talented our favorites are.

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Kerry Godliman – Preview / Press Day of the 2021 RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival at Hampton Court Palace, Surrey. Photographer byline Darren Pepe.

An actress on British television has shown again and again the breadth of her skills, from laughing in extras to attracting our hearts in Derek.

Since gracing the small screen in 1998, Kerry Godliman has worked with award-winning Ricky Gervais, whom she believes is a good friend but doesn’t see traveling across the pond to work with him.

The 47-year-old appeared alongside Ricky in Extras, where she played a floor manager in the 2007 Extras Special Series finals.

But that wasn’t the last time she worked with the BAFTA winner.

They also met again on the set in Life’s Too Short, where Kerry took on a small role as a neighbor.

After life 2 Ricky Gervais and Kerry Godliman.

Kerry took on a much bigger role on Derek on Channel 4 and later on Netflix, which was written by Ricky himself.

In the comedy, the actress plays a warm-hearted nursing home manager, far from her supporting role in extras.

The director, writer, and producer also cast the actress in After Life, where Kerry made the audience cry over her portrayal of Tony’s late wife, played by Ricky.

She appears in her husband’s flashbacks after she died of breast cancer in the UK-filmed dark comedy.

Speaking to The Mirror, when asked if she and Ricky were good friends, the actress said, “Very, yes. I mean, it’s almost weird to think of him as a “work colleague” because it doesn’t feel like work when you’re with Ricky.

“It’s very playful and natural, so you usually get the scene in the first take or two. It is a dream to work with him. And he’s a brilliant company. “

But when asked if she would join him for success in the US, the star was more reluctant and although she had thought about it, she couldn’t give up on the family.

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Kerry said, “But if you want this life, you have to move it forward. You can’t be half-hearted about that.

“The thing is, I have kids in school who are very happy. There is no way I would give up what I worked hard for here to start all over again. “

The 47-year-old has enjoyed success in the UK after climbing the acting ladder with early appearances at Casualty in 1998, Holby City in 2003 and Doctors in 2009.

Now the actress is set to join a number of celebrities at BBC’s Pointless Stars.

Away from the camera, she shows an appreciation for pets and the outdoors, and we’ll likely see her in other Gervais productions.

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