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Ariana Grande Offers “Gentle Reminders” for People to Get Their COVID-19 Vaccine | Celebrities

Ariana Grande encourages people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The hit maker “Positions” visited Instagram on Sunday (01.08.21) and “gently” reminded those who were not vaccinated against the virus. It is now in the United States after being discovered in many countries including the UK.

Together with her photo of herself in a mask, she writes:

“This is your gentle reminder to get the vaccine if you qualify for it. It’s not over yet! I am curious so share some information and if possible I want to help those who are hesitant or curious about making their decisions.

“This Delta variant is very new and the data is always changing, so I get a few links to keep it up to date, but so far … a lot more than the previous variant. It has been found to spread easily. Most of the prevalence is in unvaccinated people and areas with low vaccination rates!

“Yes, you can get it while you are vaccinated, but the vaccine protects you from serious illness, hospitalization, and death. All of the great things that should be protected in my book. Oh, you already have COVID If you are sick by -19 you should still get vaccinated! “

The 28-year-old singer claimed vaccinations could “save lives”. This is because it can help protect people who don’t have jabs.

She added: Save lives. Who knows. (Sic) “

Ariana’s request came after several other celebrities also discussed the importance of vaccines and both Sean Penn and Sharon Stone refused to go back to work on the set without guaranteeing that everyone would be vaccinated. Increase.

Matt Damon also recently said that he would like more people to be considerate of others when it comes to vaccines.

He notes: I see it that way.

“Well, I’m not in this cohort, so I’m not saying.” These people came out first and said, “Look, if we all do this we will protect each other better.” Don’t worry, I won’t hurt. “Just see it as“ I ”or“ us ”.

“But you see, it’s a personal choice. It’s the beauty of America, it’s a free land. And none of us has it any different. But I’m more inclined to trust science than what you read on Facebook. “

Ariana Grande Offers “Gentle Reminders” For People To Receive Their COVID-19 Vaccine | Celebrities

Source Link Ariana Grande Offers “Gentle Reminders” For People To Receive Their COVID-19 Vaccine | Celebrities

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