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Hochul prepares for the spotlight when Cuomo steps aside

ALBANY, NY (AP) – Kathy Hochul, a western New York Democrat who was unknown to many people in the state even after six years as lieutenant governor, was due to start re-introducing herself to the public on Wednesday as she prepared to take the reins to take power after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation. Hochul, 62, will become the state’s first female governor in two weeks, after a notable transition period during which Cuomo has announced that he will stay and work to get her into a job he has dominated during his three terms in office . She stayed out of sight on Tuesday but said in a statement that she was “prepared to take the lead”. Hochul planned to hold her first press conference on Wednesday afternoon at the State Capitol, in the very room where Cuomo became a familiar face to the people of the United States

Despite GOP attacks, the Senate is approaching the OK of the Dems’ 3.5 tonne budget

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Democrats postponed their extensive $ 3.5 trillion framework to strengthen family services, health and environmental programs until the Senate passed early Wednesday when Republicans unleashed an avalanche of amendments targeting the should get their rivals to pay a price in next year’s election. Congressional approval of the budget resolution, which appears assured, would be a critical first step by the Democrats in realizing the centerpiece of President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda. It would open the door to a follow-up aimed at targeting the government’s fiscal power to support families, create jobs and fight climate change, with much of the bill paid for by higher taxes for the wealthy and big corporations .

For Biden and Senators a feeling that the world is watching

WASHINGTON (AP) – When President Joe Biden first announced the framework he had reached with a bipartisan group of Senators for a major infrastructure bill, he said it meant more than building roads and bridges. A deal, he said two months ago, would send a signal “to ourselves and to the world that American democracy can deliver”. The senators who led the bill through Tuesday approved. “We all knew the world was honestly watching,” said Senator Jon Tester, D-Mont. Adopted by an overwhelming 69-30 votes, the package would increase federal spending on significant improvements to roads, bridges, internet access and other public works in coast-to-coast communities.

China sentenced Canadians to 11 years in prison related to Huawei

DANDONG, China (AP) – A Chinese court on Wednesday sentenced Canadian entrepreneur Michael Spavor to 11 years in prison for the arrest of an executive at tech giant Huawei in an espionage case related to Beijing’s print campaign against the Canadian government. A Canadian court will hear the final arguments in the next few weeks as to whether the US should indict executive Meng Wanzhou of possible violations of trade sanctions against Iran. Spavor and another Canadian were jailed in China after the executive’s arrest in 2018, in what critics termed “hostage policy.” On Tuesday, another Chinese court dismissed the appeal of a third Canadian whose sentence in a drug case was abruptly increased after Meng’s arrest.

Pacific Northwest is preparing for another multi-day heat wave

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) – People in the Pacific Northwest prepared for another large, multi-day heat wave starting Wednesday, just over a month after record-breaking hot weather killed hundreds of the area’s most vulnerable people as temperatures rose 116 degrees Fahrenheit (47 degrees Celsius) rose. In a “worst-case scenario”, the temperature in some parts of western Oregon could reach 44 ° C by Friday before cooling off over the weekend, the National Weather Service in Portland, Oregon warned this week. It’s more likely that temperatures will rise above 100 F (38 ° C) for three consecutive days and peak at 105 F (40.5 ° C) on Thursday.

‘River Dave’ doesn’t think he can be a hermit again

CONCORD, NH (AP) – The days of an off-the-grid New Hampshire man who lived as a hermit seem to be over. “River Dave,” whose cabin in the woods burned down after nearly three decades on the property he was assigned, says he doesn’t think he can get back to his lifestyle. “I don’t see how I can be a recluse again because society won’t let you,” David Lidstone said in an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday. Lidstone, 81, said even if he could rebuild his cabin, which burned down last week, “I would have people come every weekend so I just can’t get out of society.

Battle wins challenge US hopes for a better educated Taliban

Taliban conquests in Afghanistan challenge the Biden government’s hopes that the desire for international respect – and international aid and money – could mitigate the worst behavior of fundamentalist militias if the US ends its war there. The Taliban commanders show little interest in a diplomatic settlement and have accelerated their forays into the battlefield ahead of the US military’s withdrawal later this month. They confiscated six provincial capitals in the past week. And while some Taliban commanders have behaved cautiously in newly conquered areas, human rights groups say that others have behaved similarly to the brutal Taliban who overthrew the US in 2001.

Census data have fueled the GOP’s greatest partisan advantage in decades

A decade ago, Republican politicians used new, resounding electoral victories to identify constituencies that gave them greater political advantage in more states than any party had in the past 50 years, according to a new analysis by the Associated Press. This advantage, measured by a formula for identifying potential gerrymanderings, enabled Republicans to hold decades of majorities in some congressional delegations or state houses, even if the Democrats in those states won the top races for president or national office. In short, the Republicans have won more seats than one would have expected based on the percentage of votes. The power of the GOP will be put to the test starting Thursday when the US

The nurses are running out of hospitals because they are infected with COVID. to be flooded

The rapidly escalating rise in COVID-19 infections in the US has resulted in a shortage of nurses and other frontline staff in virus hotspots, unable to keep up with the flood of unvaccinated patients and losing workers to burnout and lucrative absenteeism . state temporary gigs. Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oregon all have more people hospitalized with COVID-19 than any other time in the pandemic, and caregivers are under heavy strain. In Florida, virus cases have filled so many hospital beds that emergency services and fire departments are scrambling to respond to emergencies. Some patients wait in ambulances for up to an hour before hospitals in St.

Prince Andrew is not faced with a good choice in the Epstein prosecutor’s case

LONDON (AP) – Britain’s Prince Andrew is likely to do everything in his power to avoid testifying in a U.S. lawsuit by an American who alleges he sexually assaulted her at the age of 17, lawyers on both sides say of the Atlantic. Andrew can challenge the jurisdiction of the U.S. court or ignore the civil action altogether, running the risk that the court will default him and order him to pay damages. No matter which path he takes, he will face the constant drumbeat of unsavory media coverage. “There’s no such thing as a good option,” said Albert D’Aquino, a New York attorney who has defended clients on similar cases.

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