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Afterparty launches Web3 platform to usher in the new creator economy

THE ANGEL–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Afterparty today announced the debut of its creator tools platform, designed for developers adopting NFTs and social tokens amid the growing Web3 boom. With Afterparty, creators can monetize and manage their NFT and social token collector relationships by exclusively providing interactive, live virtual experiences and digital merchandise to their biggest supporters, giving them more direct control over their growing success .

“The real value for Creator NFTs is built through continued engagement between Creators and Supporters – this happens after the NFT or token sale,” said David Fields, co-founder and CEO of Afterparty. “Until now, creators haven’t had the tools they need to effectively build and manage this ongoing dialogue, while other platforms put the burden on creators alone to build the entire fan experience from scratch. Afterparty builds on the Web3 monetization infrastructure of NFTs and social tokens to align the interests of YouTubers and fans in a completely new way. ”

Web 2.0 platforms like Instagram don’t share advertising revenue with creatives and limit their direct monetization, while platforms like Spotify only support 13,000 creators who make over $ 15,000 in net payments to artists annually. Web3 tools like NFTs and social tokens decentralize Web 2.0 monetization models so that creators can monetize directly with their biggest supporters and fans can see how the value of their tokens grows with the success of the creators.

Combines Web3 functions for interactive experiences

Afterparty allows developers to choose between Ethereum, BitClout and other emerging blockchains for their NFT or social token release, to host “token-gated” virtual experiences and to sell exclusive merchandise that is only available to their dedicated fan- Communities are available. With Afterpartys coming soon, Ethereum-based NFT marketplace, developers can start NFT projects in minutes and choose from a variety of professionally designed NFT frameworks. This gives creatives visually impressive, unique NFTs that match their individual brand identity and seamlessly connect to the event platform.

“The release of NFT collections to show the appreciation of the fans opens a new medium for artistic expression,” said Dutch artist Nick van Hofwegen, creator of the NFT music and art project Young & Sick. “As an artist, I’ve seen the value that NFTs can have for the music industry, but more importantly for individual artists who want to create something different and unique for their fans. By combining digital art with live events and providing the marketplace to connect digital artists with creators, Afterparty makes managing the whole process easy. ”

BitClout beta test exceeds expectations

Afterparty has successfully launched and tested its event platform with developers who have used BitClout’s social tokens, and these early tests are already showing the value of this new monetization model. Artists Clay Perry and Tropix added 4.75 to their social token and other creators who participated in the events include Echosmith, Madds, Robert Graham, Jon Youshaei and Vale Genta.

“Raising over a thousand dollars for a single online appearance is a big deal for an aspiring artist,” said Craig Clemens, one of the most active creators of BitClout, founder of Golden Hippo and investor in Afterparty. “If you took Clay Perry and Tropix, two early adopters, and worked out what annual income they would make if they only did this once a week, that’s enough for a comfortable life. And thats just the beginning.”

Now that the concept is fully tested and proven, Afterparty is hosting more events with BitClout creators including Reade, Craig and Jake Udell, all of the platform’s top 10 creators already integrated with Ethereum, will be an event with Young & Sick and more creators will be announced in the coming weeks.

Founded by creators for creators, connected with experienced entrepreneurs

Afterparty was founded by David Fields, formerly Disney and Head of Investments at Michael Eisner’s The Tornante Company, and Dan Rahmel, Senior Technology Executive at Music Audience Exchange. Robert Graham, creator and founder of the influencer agency, acts as Head of Community with musician Conner Frey (cozyboy) as the front-end developer.

Afterparty today also announced Eytan Elbaz, co-founder of Scopely, an LA-based mobile gaming company, as a co-founder and investor. As a musician himself, he sees how afterparty can drive new music and the social token economy.

“Web3 enables high-quality digital assets like NFTs, and I’m incredibly excited about their future role,” said Eytan Elbaz, co-founder of Afterparty. “NFTs are at a critical turning point where the use and experience of digital assets will lead the industry in a whole new direction. Afterparty has already implemented its promise to provide the platform for this and is clearly a leader in this area. ”

“We are at the beginning of a change for the creator economy with Web3 that will be as significant as the impact of broadband internet on Web 2.0 – and this is just the beginning of our vision for Afterparty,” added Fields. “NFTs are verifiable digital assets that today enable afterparty experiences in the virtual world. We see that they are also opening the door to amazing real-world experiences and we look forward to pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can do for both developers and supporters. ”

So join the movement and other events

To attend live music events at the afterparty, visit www.afterparty.ai. Afterparty’s NFT marketplace will be launched at the same time as the overall platform and will be fully available in the fall. To join the Afterparty Developer Waiting List, visit www.afterparty.ai.

About afterparty

Afterparty is a technology company dedicated to developing Web3 features and a platform to introduce a new creator economy. Founded and managed by entrepreneurs who are equally technology and music focused, Afterparty is committed to delivering the most powerful Web3 tools to help YouTubers build and maintain meaningful relationships with their fan and supporter communities, including an NFT Marketplace through which YouTubers NFT can offer collections. Afterparty’s platform also gives developers the ability to deliver intimate live experiences to their most dedicated fans and create exclusive NFT tokens.

The senior management team co-founded by Dave Fields (CEO), Dan Rahmel (CTO) and Eytan Elbaz (CSO) also includes creator Robert Graham (Head of Talent) and musician Conner Frey (cozyboy) who act as front-end developers. Her vision for the company is to bring their knowledge of the creative, music and games industries together and bring products to market that help creators build deep and authentic connections with their biggest fans. You can find more information about the afterparty at www.Afterparty.ai.

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