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The Regina motorcycle club tries to promote the sport through track days

The Prairie Sport Riders Association (PSRA) aims to create a welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere when it comes to motorcycle racing.

Hosting multiple days of testing and tuning at WF Botkin Raceway each month, the events are open to everyone from young children and novices to experts.

Scott Molnar, the president of the PSRA, said there is a stigma when it comes to motorsports and racing. Many expect a lot of danger and egos, but the club is anything but.

“The more welcoming we can be, the more we can get rid of that you have to be such a big manly man that comes here with a big, huge ego,” Molnar said.

“You just come out and be yourself and blend in with everyone and everyone’s families and just focus on having fun.”

He describes days at the track as low pressure, aiming to keep riders confident and happy.

Candace Huver was on track for the first time on Sunday and said the pundits had started the day well and simply with the basics and safety.

“I’m already addicted,” said Huver, laughing,

She said there is a lot of growth in a day, that every time her group comes back for another session she works on a new skill, gets out of her comfort zone and pushes herself.

“I know there are people who have been at the track for years and years and years and I don’t expect to be a pro at the end of the day because it’s like a lifelong learning you can do, and anyone Curve is a challenge.”

The club typically sees a handful of first-timers at the track on test and tune days, with many returning to find out more.

“It doesn’t usually take a lot of talking to get them to come back,” Molnar said.

“You see, when they come in, it’s their face that tells you.”

He said throughout the day everyone is ready to help you and share tips on how to encourage growth.

“Don’t think about anything else around you, just think about the moment,” said Gabe Molnar, 11, when asked about his advice for new drivers.

“I would say just come out. It’s a really fun time. You can come out for the day and just have fun,” said Jayven Schmalenberg, 11, who became friends with Gabe through the club.

The club has all the equipment and gear available for hire and riders are divided into a group based on skill and speed at the track. There is also an open day for young people every year in May.

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