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Macolin Conference | The essential role of prosecutors in protecting the integrity of sport

Luke Esposito holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the University of Calabria. He has been a technology consultant to several large global corporations including Accenture and Cambridge Technology Partners.

He started his career in the lottery sector in 2009 when he joined IGT as Director of Technology for Central Europe. Here he oversaw the technological needs of clients in the gaming industry in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. In 2013 Luca was promoted to Country Manager for IGT, where he was responsible for looking after the state lotteries of Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Recognized for his extensive knowledge of lottery and gaming technology and deep understanding of the unique needs of the government-authorized lottery and betting sector, Luca was hired by the WLA, where he has served as Executive Director since November 2018. Since January 2022, Luca has also assumed the role of Executive Director of the Global Lottery Monitoring System.

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