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LEE: As Harsin himself said, this sport will humiliate you | Auburn University sports news

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix (10) speaks to coach Bryan Harsin during the second half of Saturday’s game in College Station, Texas.

David J. Phillip / The Associated Press

Bryan Harsin said it himself this week, before the game.

He knows. He’s near.

Sometimes you get caught slipping. Sometimes you meet the wrong team on the wrong day.

Sometimes you’re tr -ped in a stadium with an opposing team and just can’t understand them for three and a half hours.

I bet sometimes you can’t figure out what’s going on with you in some games.

“The only thing about football: It’ll humiliate you,” Harsin told Tiger Talk earlier this week.

Auburn must have chewed some of it on a quiet ride back from College Station.

Fans also have to eat it on their way to work on Monday.

This is the way in the world almost anywhere in college football.

Almost everyone has their ups and downs. A month ago, it was Texas A&M that looked lost after losing to Arkansas and Mississippi State and a terrible performance in Colorado. On Saturday, the Aggies danced off the field while Auburn’s thrilling win over Ole Miss felt like a distant memory.

It works like that almost everywhere – and I know it stings Auburn fans because there are only two places that it doesn’t and those places are Tuscaloosa and Athens. Humble Pie doesn’t  -ply to Alabama and Georgia right now because those programs are at insane, abnormal heights and Auburn is the school of lazy luck between the two of them.

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