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Iowa’s Tyler Linderbaum is switching from the multisport Solon Spartan to the all-American Hawkeye Center

ORLANDO, Florida (KCRG) – “He’s really bringing it up in Iowa, he kind of got into the national scene, and everyone in Solon says, ‘Oh, that makes sense’.”

The city of Solon Iowa knew the potential of Tyler Linderbaum, perh -s none other than Zach Wegmann, his high school teammate and current Upper Iowa defensive lineman. Wegmann competed in almost all sports with Linderbaum at a young age.

Back at Solon High School, Linderbaum could do anything, including basketball, wrestling, athletics, baseball, and of course, soccer.

“Being competitive and doing all these things has definitely helped me along the way,” said Linderbaum. I always try to win everything that is competitive. “

Thanks to all his participation and success in other sports, Linderbaum was an athlete Solon would always remember.

But in the fall he made his biggest impression.

“He was definitely on a different level,” said Wegmann.

“If there’s something he really exudes, it’s this tough competition,” said high school coach Kevin Miller. “Just a refusal to lose.”

Linderbaum was one of the better linemen (defensive and offensive) in the country. He got interest from schools across the country, but his home has always been Iowa City.

“My parents were both season ticket holders, so we had the opportunity to go downstairs and see ball games when we were young,” said Todd Linderbaum, Tyler’s father. “If he liked football and got really good at it, he could imagine wearing the black and gold. Years later you pinch yourself and say, ‘Hey, it actually h -pened!’ “

Linderbaum began his Hawkeye career as a defensive lineman. He excelled at nose tackle in high school, but Kirk Ferentz put him in the center, where he’s since become one of the best offensive linemen in the country.

Linderbaum was an honorary laureate of all conferences in 2019. In 2020, he upgraded to All-America status.

By the middle of the 2021 season, Linderbaum should be drafted into the first round of the NFL draft.

But as effective as he is in the field, Linderbaum also does so much outside of the field. He sold clothes to raise money for the Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Earlier this month he presented them with a check for $ 30,000.

“Raising that much money just means that we have the best fans,” said Linderbaum. “People understand it’s for a good cause, and I think it was. It would not be possible without the people who donate and buy the shirts. “

“It makes sense that Tyler is that guy, he’s such a great person, he comes from a great family, he has a great upbringing, it’s amazing to see,” Wegmann said.

“It’s not the big games or the big games that I remember most, with Tyler, it’s the early workouts or weight sessions that we kind of went through,” added Wegmann. “You (would) look over at Tyler and he always has a smile on his face, ready to go.”

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