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` Green Sport Awards 2022 – in case you’re wondering

BBC Green Sport Awards graphic

Want to know a little more about these new awards? Here are the answers to your questions:

Why does ` Sport give these awards?

As part of our sustainability strategy and commitment, we want to draw attention to athletes making a difference and organizations (big and small) showing how change is possible. We strive to give audiences a glimpse of how sport can harness its power to create positive impact so they can take informed, mitigating action for themselves when inspired to do so.

Why are there three different categories for athletes?

As we all know, environmental protection has been around for a long time. Although in the recent past increasing concerns have made it more urgent to take action, we have all been hearing about climate change for many years.

We want to celebrate the athletes who use their profile to raise awareness and advocate for change. This varies depending on professional status, age and personal experience. We want to recognize this by recognizing people at every stage of their sporting career and reputation as environmentalists – whether they’re on the starting line, in the middle of a race or ready for the next challenge.

Why are these awards global?

The obvious answer is that climate change and creating a sustainable future are global issues. They affect our planet and are therefore worldwide problems. That’s true, but that’s not the only reason these awards are global. We’re interested in how the world of sport is impacted by the environment, and what better way to learn about these differences than what athletes everywhere are doing to address the issues closest to them.

How are the shortlists selected?

For each of the Athlete of the Year and Young Athlete of the Year awards, recommendations from athletes who have demonstrated high levels of environmental awareness over the past 12 months were provided by experts working in the sport sustainability industry worldwide. A list of these names was provided by the ` Green Sport Awards production team, which was discussed by the jury before a shortlist was made.

The Evergreen Award was selected from a list prepared and judged by a panel of experts working in the sports sustainability industry worldwide.

Please take a look at the procurement regulations Teamwork Award and/or the Ambition and Impact Award to find out about the selection process.

Will the public be able to see the shortlist?

Yes. The shortlist will be announced on the ` Sport website and app in due course.

How are the prices judged?

A panel of independent experts on climate and environmental issues will judge the winner of each of the awards. The composition of the jury will be published on the ` Sport website and app in due course.

The Evergreen Athlete Award was selected by an independent panel of experts. Unlike the other awards, which focus on the work of individuals and organizations over the past 12 months, the Evergreen Athlete comes from a roster of athletes and former athletes who have been vocal and proactive over a number of years. A long list was considered before the panel reached its decision.

Will the public be able to vote?

To ensure that the winners truly practice what they ask their fans and followers to do, we go through a process in which industry experts nominate athletes from around the world who are known as environmentalists. This longlist of names has been researched for authenticity and the shortlist will be re-vetted to ensure they are worthy of nomination. This means that the public will not vote on any of these awards.

When will we find out the winners?

The winners will be announced in connection with the ` Green Sport Awards 2022 programme, which will be broadcast in October. Keep an eye on ` Sport’s social media accounts as one or two of the winners may be announced in the days leading up to the programme’s release.

What does ` Sport do for sustainability?

In 2020, ` Sport joined the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework, becoming only the second broadcaster to sign up. It has five obligations:

  • Promote a greater sense of environmental responsibility.
  • Reduce the impact on the climate.
  • Educate for climate protection.
  • Promotion of sustainable and responsible consumption.
  • Get involved in climate protection through communication.

` Sport has also signed up for the Race to Zero element of the framework, which commits to halving emissions by 2030 and reducing them to net zero by 2040, as well as annual reporting on progress towards those targets .

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