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Donald Trump receives the highest Taekwondo rank – although he has never practiced the sport | World news

Donald Trump was named a black belt of honor by the South Korean President of Taekwondo – although he never practiced the sport.

The former president was given the honorary rank by President Lee Dong-sup at his home in Mar-a-largo, Florida.

He received a certificate of honor for the ninth dan – the highest level in sport.

The former president was awarded a certificate of honor

The sports association wrote on its Facebook page that upon receiving the award, Mr. Trump said, “It is an honor to receive the Honorary Dan Certificate, and I think taekwondo is a great martial art for self-defense.

“I want to see the Kukkiwon Taekwondo Team demonstration.”

The organization added that the ceremony was “unrelated to any other political issue”.

This means that he now has the same rank as Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was made an honorary ninth dan in 2013. Even President Putin had not yet practiced Taekwondo at the time of the award ceremony.

The former president said it was one
The former president said it was an “honor”

Both now rank higher than the US martial artist Chuck Norris, who wears a black belt in the eighth dan.

The news was criticized by some, with one Twitter user writing: “As someone who has actually earned his black belt in TKD, I’m not h -py about it. 9th degree is grandmaster rank. Incredible.”

The walls of Mr Trump’s office were adorned with photos of his tenure – including when he met the Queen, Kim Jong Un shook hands and a picture of him and Melania greeting the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in June 2019.

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