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Cycling boss says goodbye amid independent studies on the sport

Cycling New Zealand CEO Jacques Landry has announced his resignation amid an ongoing investigation into the death of representative cyclist Olivia Podmore.

Jacques Landry, outgoing CEO of Cycling NZ.
Photo: Photo sports

Landry has been in the role for three years and is returning to his native Canada.

He took the role in 2018 to implement the recommendations of the Heron Report, which exposed a culture of bullying, bad behavior and lack of accountability within the dysfunctional peak performance of sport.

Cycling NZ chairman Phil Holden said Landry announced his intention to resign in June but delayed his departure due to the current independent investigation.

“Mr. Landry made a great contribution to the organization during his tenure and we are sad to lose him,” said Holden.

“He is highly regarded by Cycling New Zealand and the wider cycling community.”

“He has not been able to leave the country to visit his family abroad for over two years because the process of examining his  -plication for residence is constantly being delayed, and there is no certainty at all when the situation could be resolved. For his own personal good and that of” his Family, Mr. Landry made the difficult decision to leave and we fully support him. “

Holden said Landry would make himself available to the committee of inquiry even after he left the organization.

The independent panel, led by Michael Heron QC and Professor Sarah Leberman, is due to come up with a draft report before Christmas, but that is expected to be in February as Covid-19 delays are cited as panel members cannot complete face-to-face interviews with those involved.


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