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Azeem Rafiq racism case: Roger Hutton resigns as Yorkshire chairman

Azeem Rafiq, a former England youth c -tain, was the Yorkshire c -tain in a Twenty20 game in 2012

Yorkshire chairman Roger Hutton has resigned over the club’s response to former player Azeem Rafiq’s racism.

Hutton – who had been under increasing pressure to resign –  -ologized “unconditionally” to 30-year-old Rafiq.

He said the club “should have recognized the serious accusations of racism at that time”.

Hutton added that in Yorkshire he experienced “a culture that refuses to embrace change or challenge”.

He was also very critical of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), claiming that the governing body “refused to help”.

His resignation came ahead of an emergency board meeting on Friday that was expected to see Hutton face calls for resignation. More resignations are expected, and Hutton says “some” non-executive board members have already left their posts.

It comes after an investigation found that Rafiq was a victim of “racial harassment and bullying” – but the club said it would not take any disciplinary action.

Thursday was Yorkshire exposed from the hosting of England games by the ECB.

The ECB said it was “clear” that Yorkshire’s handling of the issue is “totally unacceptable and seriously damaging the game’s reputation”.

Hutton claimed that when he became aware of Rafiq’s allegations, he “turned to the ECB immediately” to “seek their help and intervention to support a solid investigation” but there was “reluctance”.

The ECB has been asked to comment.

Hutton calls for board members to resign

In a statement, Hutton said, “I would like to take this opportunity to  -ologize wholeheartedly to Azeem.

“I am sorry that we could not convince the board members to recognize the gravity of the situation and to show care and remorse.

“The club’s executive board members and senior management were constantly reluctant to  -ologize and accept [there was] Racism and looking ahead.

“During my tenure as Chairman, I take responsibility for my failure to convince them to take  -propriate and timely action.

“This frustration is shared by all non-executive directors, some of whom have since stepped down.”

Hutton urged the board members to resign as well “to make way for a new path for the club I love so much”.

With regard to the ECB, Hutton, who on 16.

“It is on record that I have repeatedly expressed my frustration at the reluctance of the ECB.”

Hutton, a lifelong Yorkshire fan and local attorney, took up the role in  -ril 2020 and said he “never met Azeem and was out of the club while he was employed”.

Julian Knight, MP, chair of the special committee on digital, culture, media and sport, said Thursday he hoped the ECB sanctions would “act as a short, sharp shock to bring the club to its senses”.

“Like the rest of us, I can imagine that the members of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club will ask why the board is still in office,” he added.

Many companies have severed ties with Yorkshire, including jersey manufacturer Nike, main sponsor Emerald Publishing and Yorkshire Tea.

Rafiq report timeline

September 2, 2020: After a First interview with Wisdenexternal link, ESPN Cricinfo publishes an article with Rafiqexternal link in which he claims “institutional racism” in the Yorkshire County Cricket Club brought him close to suicide.

September 3, 2020: Yorkshire says They have opened a “formal investigation” into Rafiq’s allegations, and chairman Roger Hutton says the club will conduct “further reviews” of their “politics and culture”.

September 5, 2020: Yorkshire ask an independent law firm Investigate Rafiq allegations against the club.

11/13/2020: Rafiq says he hopes to bring about a “meaningful change” following his initial response to the investigation.

December 15, 2020: Rafiq files a legal claim against Yorkshire, which alleges “direct racial discrimination and harassment, as well as victimization and impairment by attempting to address racism in the club”.

February 2, 2021: Yorkshire faces a lifelong ban for anyone who threatened Rafiq or his family and legal team after ESPN Cricinfo showed them messages sent to Rafiq’s law firm.

June 17, 2021: A labor court case between Rafiq and his former Yorkshire club finds no solution. The independent investigation into his racism allegations is still ongoing.

08/16/2021: Yorkshire receives the results an independent investigation into allegations of racism and two days later the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) asks for a copy.

08/19/2021: Yorkshire, which at this point does not have to publish the results of the report, admit Rafiq was “the victim of in -propriate behavior” and offers him her “deep  -ology”.

Rafiq accuses Yorkshire of downplaying racism by calling him a victim of “in -propriate behavior”.

September 8, 2021: MPs say Yorkshire publish the results of the report “immediately”.

10.09.2021: Yorkshire publishes the results of the report, Rafiq was the “victim of racial harassment and bullying” and seven of the player’s 43 allegations were confirmed by an independent panel.

According to Hutton, the report said there was “insufficient evidence to conclude that the Yorkshire County Cricket Club is institutionally racist”.

Yorkshire released a summary of the report and the panel’s recommendations, but said the full report could not be published due to legal reasons “relating to data protection law and defamation”.

October 8, 2021: Yorkshire missed a deadline Send the full report to Rafiq and his Legal Department after   Sport learned that a labor judge ordered the club to clear him in full by Friday October 8th.

October 13, 2021: Rafiq then receives a heavily edited version, while the ECB says it is still waiting for the full report.

October 28, 2021: Yorkshire says it conducted its own internal investigation following the report’s findings and completed that “none of its employees, players or managers has taken any behavior or action that warrants disciplinary action”.

November 2, 2021: The Special Committee on Digital, Culture, Media and Sports calls on Hutton to  -pear before him to answer questions about Yorkshire’s handling of a report on Rafiq’s allegations of racism.

MP Knight, Chair of the DCMS Select Committee, calls on the board of directors of the Yorkshire County Cricket Club to resign after a leaked report  -peared that  -peared to provide details of the investigation into Rafiq’s treatment.

A story published by ESPN said the report concluded that a racist term used against Rafiq would be viewed as a “banter”.

Knight made his comments after Yorkshire Health Secretary Javid called for “heads rolling” and said that if the ECB does not take action, “it is of no use”. In a Twitter post, he said the term allegedly used to describe Rafiq was “no joke”.

The ECB has announced that it will conduct a “comprehensive” investigation into the situation.

November 3, 2021: The DCMS hearing is scheduled for November 16 and Rafiq is called to give personal testimony, along with senior Yorkshire officials.

Multiple sponsors, including main sponsor Emerald Publishing and Yorkshire Tea, end their partnerships with the Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

Current Yorkshire thug Gary Ballance posted a long statement expressing regret that he used a racial slur against former teammate Rafiq.

November 4, 2021: The Governing Board is suspending Yorkshire from hosting international matches.

Jersey supplier Nike terminated the four-year contract it had announced in March 2021.

Former English c -tain Michael Vaughan says he was called in the report, but “completely denies any allegation of racism”.

November 5, 2021: Yorkshire Chairman Roger Hutton is stepping down over the club’s reaction and “unreservedly”  -ologizes to Rafiq.

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