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Would you like to learn how to invest as a professional trader? This 100% Mexican stock exchange and brokerage academy teaches you

What do a petroleum engineer and an architect know about investing? The answer is: Everything! Miguel Orea and Eduardo Abarca came into the financial world almost by chance 10 years ago when they were still in college. Now friends and partners are founders of the Aurea Group, which includes four financial companies. The first of them, and perh -s the most important, is SFX Trading Academy, a 100% Mexican stock trading academy that teaches you how to invest as a professional trader.


“We teach to buy and sell on the international stock exchange. We’ll teach you everything you need if you want to become an investor, ”explains Eduardo in a few words for Entrepreneur en Español.

Founded in 2013, SFX Trading Academy has trained between 18 and 20,000 students in 24 countries, Miguel said. “We teach you to service the world’s stock markets, the various financial markets, so you can manage your investments and find profitability.”

The partners point out that “this is completely different from what you can learn in any school or even a Masters in finance, business or risk management because they don’t teach how to operate the financial markets,” added Orea added.

“We are very motivated to know that we are doing something good for society, to help them grow their money and get a financial education,” added Abarca.

It all started in a Whats -p group

Eduardo and Miguel started out as financial autodidacts at 19 and 22 respectively. In different ways, the two met in an online finance course, where they turned out to be the only Mexicans and both h -pened to live in Mexico City.

When they met, they clicked and saw that “we had the same vision, goals, and calling to help people,” says Miguel. So they opened a Whats -p group with friends, family and classmates from other courses. “L is, we started teaching what we knew, that’s how it all started.”

In just one year, the group grew so much that participants themselves asked them to give more formal and structured courses. “Eventually we switched to a platform and decided to focus 100% on the business. We grew together in this business, ”says Orea.

In the middle, Miguel Orea and Eduardo Abarca, founding partners of Grupo Aurea. Image: courtesy.

Incidentally, the name of Grupo Aurea is inspired by a basic architecture concept: Fibonacci’s golden ratio. “That attracted me because this sequence is also used a lot in the markets and this is where my two careers come together for me,” Eduardo revealed.

The founders explain that trading is a profession that helps you grow as a person because you deal with a lot of emotions. Miguel saves the respective differences and compares the processing of the stock transactions with the bets.

“When you make a lot of money, there is a lot of adrenaline. This will teach you how to manage your emotions and will help your personal development outside of business because you will learn to deal with losses, not be pushy, not try to get rich quick, ”he continued.

How does the stock trading academy work?

The Aurea Group’s SFX Trading Academy has three modalities: online, face-to-face and hybrid system.

“We have the online model, which is self-taught in the sense that you proceed at your own pace. We stream three lessons a week live and they are recorded so that students can watch them whenever they want or can, ”explains Abarca. “There is also a forum for students to share their doubts and the counselors are there to resolve them.”

The face-to-face model was about to be implemented when the pandemic hit, so they had to put it on hold and wait until 2021 to start it. This lasts for two years, with face-to-face tuition of two hours a day taught personally by Miguel and Eduardo.

Although this program follows a curriculum and has fixed hours, it can be tailored to the needs of students as most of them are students or work full-time. For this reason, they also offer intensive courses, on Saturdays and even at night.

“The curriculum is designed so that people come from scratch and come out as c -ital managers with their own investment portfolio. We profile them to work with us or in the financial company they want, or to provide their own broker, why not? “Said Miguel at length.

The third option is the hybrid mode, where you can take face-to-face lessons “live” via streaming. This “works very well for foreign students because we have more students from other Latin American countries than from Mexico.”

What do you need to attend the SFX Trading Academy?

“We are open to all types of public because we believe that financial education should be accessible to everyone. That helped us a lot in supporting both small and large investors, ”says Orea.

“Those entering this stock exchange academy are people who have a vision to get more out of their lives, who want more and are not satisfied with what they already know, do or deserve,” he added.

In 2020, Grupo Aurea managed to open its own 100% Mexican broker, with some of its former graduates joining as traders. Photo: Courtesy.

Aurea Group’s founders say they had students of all ages and professions during their 8 years of service.

“They come to us from university students looking to develop alternative careers, doctors, informal traders and employees of all kinds, to retirees who are already tired of being home and wanting to change their lives or make more money to supplement their life pension “reports for entrepreneurs in Spanish.

Therefore, the only requirements for participation are: be over 18 years old, have a high school diploma and have a bank account. The online modality costs $ 350 per year ( -proximately 7,000 Mexican pesos), while the face-to-face modality is an investment of 9,000 pesos per month.

“It’s information that costs more than 5 million pesos, which is more or less what is being invested in educational development in this medium in order to be able to work,” Abarca said, stressing that they have discounts for students and “various support plans “have that they can train with us”.

Financial literacy is just the beginning

As I said, the SFX Trading Academy was just the first company in the Aurea Group. Their students ‘and clients’ own needs caused them to grow and found three other companies to solve the various problems they identified.

“We started teaching and then we invested for them as amateurs through SFX Trading Investments, our investment portfolio,” says Orea wistfully.

The third step in building the current Aurea Group was to support the tax part of the investments and to offer solutions. Aurea Financial Solutions advises clients on how to pay taxes or which tax system is most suitable for them, “according to the scheme they choose, be it as a private individual, third party or investor”.

Finally, in 2020, after “a long and complicated process”, they finally started running their own broker under the name Aurea C -ital Markets. The advantage is that investors can rest assured that “your trader is in Mexico, speaks your language and is in your time zone”.

“We are fully committed to the task of closing g -s in the financial sector and closing the loop with all industries. We have a company for every type of problem faced by those who go on the investor path. The way led us to it. The sea takes you to the deepest depths and here I am 8 years later, doing all of this, ”concluded Miguel Orea.

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