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Ultimax Digital Files for IPO

By Stephen Nakrose

Video game company Ultimax Digital, Inc. filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering for 2.5 million shares on Friday.

The company expects the offering to cost between $4 and $5 per share.

The company said it was founded in 2018 and offers solutions for video game developers looking to implement in-game purchases into their products. “In 2020 we increased our focus on video game publishing and in 2021 we increased our focus to include the development of a non-fungible token marketplace and technology infrastructure to enable other video game developers to add NFT to the game Characterized by players,” said Ultimax.

The company said it applied to list on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol NFTX.

Westpark Capital, Inc. is listed as the underwriter of the offering.

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