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The IPO Education Foundation is preparing for the annual awards ceremony honoring the Inventor of the Year, Executive Director of the Year, IP Champion and Inspiration Award

WASHINGTON, November 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation (IPOEF) is proud to present four prestigious awards at the upcoming awards ceremony on April 4th December 6, 2023 In Washington, D.C. This event celebrates achievements in intellectual property (IP), innovation and creativity, bringing together IP experts, judges, government officials, Capitol Hill officials, and corporate and law firm attendees from around the world.

The awards ceremony honors individuals in four categories:

We celebrate successes in innovation, creativity and intellectual property.

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  1. Inventor of the Year Dr. Cato T. Laurencinuniversity professor, University of Connecticut
    The “Inventor of the Year” award recognizes the most outstanding inventors of recent times and recognizes their contribution to the country’s economy and quality of life. Dr. Laurencin is honored as the 50th Inventor of the Year for his groundbreaking contributions to the field of regenerative technology. Dr. Laurencin has differentiated himself from current strategies for treating musculoskeletal disorders by establishing the field of regenerative engineering to develop ways for people to regrow injured tissue and bone. He says: “I am honored to receive this award. The field of regenerative technology that I founded has already produced impressive new technologies that have directly benefited people. Our work will continue in complex tissue regeneration in the hope of making even more groundbreaking discoveries.”
  2. Executive of the Year Sandra Leung, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Bristol Myers Squibb
    The Executive of the Year award is given to an individual for their commitment to creating, promoting and protecting intellectual property. The newly appointed CEO Dr. Christopher Boerner Ms. commented Leung accept the award. “What truly sets Sandy apart is her focus on integrity, her role as a true partner to the company and her commitment to our mission.” BMS to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients overcome serious illnesses. This award highlights the crucial role of IP helping to ensure that BMS and the biopharmaceutical industry can continue to bring new medicines to patients. Sandy knows this IP is crucial BMS and our industry as a whole, and she shows this with her actions.”
  3. IP Champion Irwin JacobsCo-founder and CEO Emeritus of Qualcomm
    The IP The Champion Award recognizes exceptional leadership in championing the value of IP to stimulate innovation progress. Dr. Jacobs founded Qualcomm in 1985 with six others and developed the technology underlying the rapid global expansion of cell phone use for voice and Internet access. As CEO until 2005 and Chairman of the Board until 2009, he led the growth from a startup to a Fortune 500 company with today over 50,000 employees worldwide and more than 140,000 issued and pending patents. Dr. Jacobs noticed this Qualcomm’s The growth was due to the ability to innovate, patent and license their innovations.
  4. Inspiration Award Audrey Larson, student, University of Connecticut
    The Inspiration Award recognizes individuals who have made a difference through the promotion and use of intellectual property Rights for and on behalf of members of underrepresented communities. Audrey is only a junior UConn and received two patents before graduating high school. She says that she is inspired by frustration or fears regarding various world issues and inventions and innovations have been a positive way for her to put these feelings into action. Among her many achievements is the creation of an online inventor club to encourage students, particularly those who are isolated and underrepresented in their communities, to learn about and advance innovation IP advance efforts.

The 6th of December The awards ceremony promises to be an evening of networking and celebration, bringing together thought leaders, industry experts and stakeholders committed to advancing the fields of intellectual property, creativity and innovation. IPOEF invites the media, sponsors and distinguished guests to join us in recognizing and praising the achievements of these extraordinary individuals who have made significant contributions to the world of innovation and intellectual property.

For press inquiries, sponsorship opportunities or event details, please contact:

Kristen LuryeDeputy Managing Director of the Foundation
[email protected]; 202-507-4502

About the IPO Education Foundation
Founded in 2000, the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educational and charitable activities to teach the value of intellectual property rights and promote innovation. The Foundation is committed to promoting understanding and respect for intellectual property rights and their value to society. To learn more, visit www.ipoef.org.

The IPO Education Foundation is an affiliate of the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO), founded in 1972, and is an international trade association representing a “big tent” of diverse companies, law firms, service providers and individuals in all industries and areas of technology or intellectual property rights (IP) are interested.

SOURCE Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation

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