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Porsche promises loyalty to the Volkswagen Group in the face of IPO speculation

After speculation about a possible IPO of Porsche, company boss Oliver Blume told media representatives and industry representatives that the Stuttgart brand is h -py to be part of the Volkswagen Group.

At an automobile congress in Ludwigsburg, Blume said: “We feel very much at home in the Volkswagen Group, we can benefit from synergies. The most important thing during this time is to concentrate on the transformation. “

By transformation, he almost certainly means that the industry is turning away from internal combustion engines and relying entirely on battery electric energy.

As early as October, Manager Magazin reported that the investment bank Goldman Sachs and the law firm Freshfields were among the advisors working on a possible IPO for the automaker, as reported by Reuters. VW CEO Herbert Diess recently said that his company was constantly reviewing its portfolio, but did not go into detail.

What’s interesting to us is the irony that Porsche is now claiming that they are comfortable within the VW corporation when they tried to become a majority shareholder in the latter a little over a decade ago, before taking the form of a real political coup bumped into a wall. So instead of Porsche, which owned Volkswagen, it was Porsche itself who took cover under the umbrella of Volkswagen AG.

In retrospect, however, we believe that Blume will benefit from synergies with other brands in the VW Group. After the Dieselgate scandal, the group had to pull together to make the switch to battery-electric vehicles, which would have been much more difficult and expensive in a “everyone for himself” situation.

What we can expect from Porsche in the future, Blume once said, that his company embodies “freedom and independence and the inner drive to achieve goals”, which means a lot of positive things for fans of Porsche Brand – or even better, a potential customer.

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