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Novak Djokovic refuses entry to Australia; Australian Open odds in turmoil

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Novak Djokovic refuses entry to Australia;  Australian Open odds in turmoil

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Talk about a debacle! World number 1 Novak Djokovic, a medical exception who caused an outcry in Australia, a visa cancellation heard around the world, rifts between governments, and an outraged father’s claim that his tennis star son was “from the Australian border” is caught “forces (ABF).

You can’t write this stuff.

In short, Djokovic appears to be in a stalemate with the ABF, the Commonwealth government and the Victoria state government threatening to change their bid at the 2022 Australian Open. The latest report says the 20-time Grand Slam champion was ordered to leave the country immediately after his visa was revoked on Wednesday, despite his attorneys challenging the decision in state courts as the Serbian government weighs up on the case.

This amazing and impressive development has caused a stir internationally and rocked the tennis betting markets on several online sports betting platforms. The 20-time Grand Slam champion and nine-time Australian Open champion would undoubtedly be the player to beat in Melbourne.

Djokovic Australian Open odds still available

A number of sports betting sites responded by ditching their odds for the 2022 Australian Open and choosing to watch that move before reopening the markets for the first major tennis tournament of the year. After eight hours at Melbourne Airport, Djokovic was allowed to go to a state detention hotel. He still has to be physically deported.

However, several bookmakers are still offering odds, such as FanDuel, which has updated its Australian Open futures. Now Daniil Medvedev, who finished second in Melbourne in 2021 before winning his first Grand Slam title at the US Open (both times against Djokovic), is the top favorite to win the 2022 Aussie Open.

player Odds of winning Australian Open 2022
Daniil Medvedev +135
Novak Djokovic +145
Alexander Zverev +240
Rafael Nadal +1000
Stefanos Tsitsipas +1800

Odds over FanDuel and exactly at the time of publication.

Medvedev is guessed at +135 on FanDuel, while Djokovic remains on the board as a +145 bet. Djokovic was the +130 favorite earlier in the day. The third best bet now comes Alexander Zverev with +240. Rafael Nadal, who is also fighting for his 21st Grand Slam title in Melbourne, comes in fourth best with +1000. It is similar at BetMGM, where Djokovic is now the second favorite behind Medvedev.

Djokovic remains on the board of several betting apps as it appears the door will remain open for him to get clearance for the tournament before it kicks off on Jan 17th If you also opt to return to Europe, before applying for a new visa and flying back to Australia to play.

Why is Djokovic deported?

Not even two days ago, the Serbian starlet was just a smile and a happy bonhomie. He wishes his legion of fans around the world a Happy New Year with a social media post accompanied by a photo of him standing next to an airport trolley loaded with his luggage: He was bound to Australia!

Happy New Year! I wish you all health, love and joy in every moment and may you feel love and respect for all beings on this wonderful planet.

I had a fantastic time with my loved ones during the break and today I’m going down under with a special permit. Let’s go in 2022! pic.twitter.com/e688iSO2d4

– Novak Djokovic (@DjokerNole) January 4, 2022

That was a breathtaking treat too, to be fair. Namely his travel plans. After months of uncertainty, few had expected such an announcement. Djokovic’s status for the Australian Open was in the air after players were told they would need to be fully vaccinated to compete in this year’s first Grand Slam or obtain medical exemption from an independent panel of experts.

Whether or not he will be allowed to play at the Australian Open fueled endless speculation. Djokovic’s views on the vaccine and repeated refusal to publicly confirm his vaccination status made his participation unlikely, despite several top sports betting companies claiming the nine-time Australian Open champion as the close favorite to win in the relevant tennis futures markets.

Then the unthinkable happened: Djokovic received a medical exemption. This fact immediately underscored his good tennis chances of winning the Australian Open in 2022.

How the reigning world number one – owner of 20 Grand Slam titles and the fittest tennis player in the world – received a medical exemption left many in the tennis betting community at a loss and sparked widespread backlash in Australia. The outcry was quick. From a number of Australian politicians who described the decision as a “shame” and “a kick in the guts for any Victorian” who was banned for months during the pandemic, to celebrities and Melbourne residents who banded together and boycotted the Australian Open.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had previously said Djokovic would need to provide solid evidence upon arrival to back up his vaccination waiver. He reiterated the demand today when the news that the Serb had not passed passport control on his arrival Down Under became known worldwide and was confirmed in an ABF statement.

“The ABF can confirm that Mr Djokovic did not provide adequate evidence of compliance with the entry requirements for Australia and that his visa was subsequently canceled,” the statement said.

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